Police Pay ????

  VideoSentry 12:30 19 Sep 2007

Should the goverment be allowed to renage on the Edmund-Davies formula relating to police Pay?
I must declare that I am a serving officer and am biased.
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  Marko797 12:44 19 Sep 2007

VS, I think the PM made quite clear his views and policy on Pub Sector pay recently, didn't he?

I don't know anything about the formula which u mention, so don't know if this was previously agreed upon, or put fwd as a recommendation.

The rationale put fwd by the PM seemed reasonable to me, which was (correct me if my memory fails) to avoid some form of economic instability.

I'm not in the Pub Sec, but I think it has enjoyed a few good yrs in recent times.

  Cymro. 12:46 19 Sep 2007

I don`t think the government should be allowed to renege on any formula relating to the pay of it`s employs. In this regard the police should be no different to any other government employ.

I don`t know if the government are actually reneging on the agreement they have with the police or not but I dare say the government would see things very differently.

I am glad that you were honest enough to tell us that you are a serving police officer.

  Chris the Ancient 12:48 19 Sep 2007

I wouldn't want to do that job for the current pay scales!

  VideoSentry 12:51 19 Sep 2007

A link explaining the agreement ( and a bit more )

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  Cymro. 13:01 19 Sep 2007

Thanks for that, at least we will all know what we are arguing about now.

  Cymro. 13:03 19 Sep 2007

I wonder if the government have a link to put across their case in this matter? If not then perhaps they should.

  Marko797 13:11 19 Sep 2007

I have issues with this federation cheap comment regarding why the pay agreement hasn't been honoured 'because the Government doesn't think that their professionalism, dedication and often downright bravery is worth very much'. I don't think this is true at all, and really cheapens the article concerned.

I was in the Army for many yrs and we had a number of poor pay reviews, so can understand where this is coming from. We also had the professional accountabilities, but regardless of pay awards (or not) we just had to get on with it...

  norman47 13:22 19 Sep 2007

Public perception that the police do either an excellent/good job is under 50% on both local and general levels according to :-

The home office online report of 07/2006.

Policing and the criminal justice system- public confidence and perceptions from the British crime survey 2004/2005

click here table 2.01

This says that more than half, surveyed, think the police force do a less than satisfactory or poor job. I don't think that that has changed much, it has probably even got worse, in my opinion.

So would I sign the petition, then the answer is no. They should be treated as any other public employee and have the same constraints that other public sector employees have.

  Marko797 13:27 19 Sep 2007

agreed. Once u let one part of the PS slip out of policy constraints, then all hell will break loose...fire, amb, dss etc.

  TopCat® 13:49 19 Sep 2007

More info can be found at click here including Sir Clive Booth's Review.

I have yet to hear what my son, also a serving officer, has to say on this. I am sure he will not be best pleased. TC.

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