Police Opt Out

  morddwyd 10:45 23 Jan 2014

Police Scotland have decided to "withdraw" from parking enforcement.

click here the police be able to "withdraw" from any bit of law enforcement they don't fancy?

How long before they decide that drunks, or druggies, or under-age drinkers are too much trouble?


  oresome 10:59 23 Jan 2014

I suppose they have always prioritised their resources, but not been so blatant spelling out what they intend to ignore.

I thought the motorist was a cash cow and much easier to target than other forms of crime. Keep the statistics looking good and bring in some revenue at the same time.....what's not to like about it from their point of view.

  Quickbeam 11:17 23 Jan 2014

Now you mention it, it seems to already be the case south of the wall.

  fourm member 11:22 23 Jan 2014

The reality is that the police have always decided what laws to enforce.

If the police put many more cars on the roads they could make a great many more speeding arrests.

This seems to be Police Scotland separating dangerous parking from revenue raising parking.

  Quickbeam 11:24 23 Jan 2014

From the link:

"This could mean time limits on parking would no longer be imposed, allowing people to park on the street for as long as they like for free. And officers will not attend incidents where drivers have parked in loading bays or bus lanes."

I doubt that this be the case as the for profit parking ticketeers will be only too glad to have more to do as is the case south of the border. And because that's their only duty, they will enforce the parking more efficiently as a profit and daily quotas will be required from the employees.

  Pine Man 11:24 23 Jan 2014

Many years ago local authorities were given the powers to decriminalise parking enforcement so that they could then employ parking attendants to enforce parking restrictions themselves and police traffic wardens could be dispensed with.

Fines from decriminalised parking areas go to the local authority for use in traffic management matters like improving road safety. None of the fines imposed by the police traffic wardens ever went to the police. They all went to the exchequer.

Most counties in England now have decriminalised parking and it looks as though Scotland are about to start.

  wee eddie 12:31 23 Jan 2014

My own feeling is that the police feel that the bad feeling generated by Edinburgh's "Blue Meanies" and Ayr's Little Hitlers was rubbing off on them and they want to disassociate from that.

  fourm member 13:28 23 Jan 2014

wee eddie

That's a very good point.

The only two parking penalties I've had in over 10 years were for having half a wheel in a resident's bay (my wife's blue badge didn't help) and being 2 minutes over when on my own (i.e. no badge).

  Pine Man 14:32 23 Jan 2014

wee eddie/fourm

It's government policy and has been for some time that ALL parking enforcement should be taken from the police and passed to the local authority. When this occurs all funding for police traffic wardens is removed from the police budget.

  spuds 15:10 23 Jan 2014

Pine Man

When the disbanding of the Police controlled Traffic Warden service took place, wasn't the Traffic Warden funding used with a top-up for the introduction of Police Community Support Officer's for a possible three year initial experimental period?.

  Pine Man 15:29 23 Jan 2014

The legislation for decriminalisation of parking enforcement was introduced in 1991 long before Blunkett had dreamt up 'plastic policemen'. It may well be that in later years police budgets were balanced in the way you say but I have no knowledge of that.

I do know that a lot of police forces were loathe to lose traffic wardens as they used them for all sorts of things other than enforcement and when the LA parking attends came along they had a lot less power than a traffic warden so some of the old traffic warden work was still left to the police without any staff to do it.

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