Police ID Card wanted

  Covergirl 12:31 12 May 2009

It's all very well asking to see someones ID card when they call at your door, but that's a bit late in my opinion.

Oh yes, it's a nice laminated card that looks professional, but how am I supposed to know it looks like that ? Given a few minutes with a computer, printer and laminator, I could knock up a credit card sized "pass" with the words "Police Official ID Card" on it.

So can anybody point me towards an image of a police officers ID Card please?

Come to think of it, any utility or official organisation should have samples available to view.

  user8 12:54 12 May 2009

As that would make making a fake one easier.

If concerned ask to speak to your local Beat/Community PC or PCSO

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:19 12 May 2009

Go up to any rozzer and ask him. Images of ID cards are difficult to get for fairly obvious reasons.


  wiz-king 13:28 12 May 2009

Look on your local force website, that will give you the badge!click here

  WhiteTruckMan 20:36 12 May 2009

many, many moons ago (God! was it really so long ago?) we used to have large posters on the walls of a size you would find in poster shops filled with specimen images of all the different official ID cards we were likely to encounter, from every branch of every service. And there were certainly lots of them, but I am led to believe things are a bit more standardised now, at least among the military.

Just a comment really. Sorry, I know its not very helpfull. Have you tried google images?


  Stuartli 21:01 12 May 2009

I've always known it as a warrant card.

How to tell a genuine warrant card:

click here

  sunnystaines 07:32 13 May 2009

go into local cop shop and ask to see one. Or stop and ask the local high street officer.

  Covergirl 10:20 13 May 2009

Yes, I've tried Google Images. Mostly returns the national ID card even though I specify Police.

Looks like I'll have to "stoppa coppa" and ask. Not that I envisage many impersonations of police officers coming my way, more like utility company employees, but then again I'm pretty alert and I don't think any of these scammers would get past me anyway. (famous last words - Ha)

I'm very suprised there are hardly any results for this on the internet - you seem to be able to get EVERYTHING else on there. This maybe one of the UKs greatest and best kept secrets . . . . . !!

  user8 13:31 13 May 2009

And ask to speak to the local Community PC or PCSO.
Explain you would like to see a Warrant Card so you know what one looks like for real & i'm sure they will show you.

Making a "fake" Warrant Card could lead to prosecution!

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