Police dog savaged my son

  Ranger 09:19 14 Feb 2009

Are these people real!

click here

  Quickbeam 09:45 14 Feb 2009

"There had been a warrant issued for his arrest in connection with an attack in September on a member of staff at ASDA"
"Davidson ran from the police but was apprehended with the use of a police dog."

In some countries they'd shoot first...

  carver 09:52 14 Feb 2009

Sorry to tell you but they are real, poor child being bitten a police dog and his only "crimes" are assault on members of the public.

It's just a pity the dog didn't go for the neck and save us this mothers whinging about her poor son.

I suppose that the idea that he shouldn't have committed these crimes in the first place hasn't occurred to her, but now I suppose that as well as his injuries "compensation" has also set in.

But look on the bright side, the dog hasn't caught any major disease from him.

  egapup 10:00 14 Feb 2009

Dont it just make you worry about the future? What sort of children will that idiot bring up???

  rickf 10:16 14 Feb 2009

Serves him right. Good dog. Deserves a reward.

  Quickbeam 10:18 14 Feb 2009

"by tomorrow, Ms Crookston will find her view is not shared by the Sunday papers."

She'll be too dim to realise a scathing attack staring her in the face.

  birdface 10:22 14 Feb 2009

Sorry to differ.I would class this as an assault against him.And a Fine of £160 would mean that his crime was not considered serious enough for harsher punishment.To set the dogs on him because they were to lazy to run after and apprehend him themselves.To me it was using excessive force.Police in attendance.Dogs.Hospital.Weekend in a police cell all for what was classed as a minor assault.Although he was a bit of a lout I think the treatment he received was a lot harsher than it needed to be.
I wonder what the overall cost of the operation was.
I would imagine that she or he would have a good claim for compensation against the police force in question.

  zzzz999 10:27 14 Feb 2009

Ah Ranger, the police dogs got good practise biting neds in Manchester in May. One good thing came from that Eufa cup final after all, the dogs got their eye in

  Colin 10:28 14 Feb 2009

buteman - I assume your response is what you think and you're not playing Devil’s Advocate. You may think differently if you were one of the people he assaulted. The cost of the operation is irrelevant. What do you expect the Police to do? Propose a business plan before taking any action over anything? If the scrote had turned up for his court case in the first place, none of this would have been necessary.

  beeuuem 10:33 14 Feb 2009

"Weekend in a police cell all for what was classed as a minor assault."
The victim may not have felt it was a minor assault. A fine of £160-00 does not define the seriousness of the offence these days, drivers get less for killing a innocent party.
Had he not fled the police he would not have been injured, so on what grounds is he entitled to compensation?

  newman35 10:40 14 Feb 2009

Must differ with you, if someone is told to stop by the police then to attempts to run away the police have every right to try and prevent the escape, and trained dogs are part of their 'kit'.
If the 'crime' was so minor, why bother running away?
This ned seems to have a background of criminal activity, and my thoughts would be with his victims.
Wonder how much he'll make from the tabloids for his account of the arrest??

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