Poison Rumours: 'Dodgy' EU Coffee

  jakimo 12:40 27 Jul 2009

After spending £80000 of tax payers money so that the pampered EU commissioners could have their own personnel coffee machines,test showed that their extravagance was slowly poisoning them.

That was probably the only way to get them to leave the job

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  wiz-king 13:00 27 Jul 2009

Damn - foiled again!

  wee eddie 15:09 27 Jul 2009

Cimbali coffee machines are among the best and are very efficient. The Fully Automated ones mean that you don't need a Barrista to be present.

I am somewhat surprised that they Purchased them and did not have them on a Service Contract, which is more usual method when untrained operatives are using the machines.

  laurie53 07:16 28 Jul 2009

What a piece of nonsense, and what a misleading, but attention grabbing, headline.

If you want to generate interest just use the initials "EU" with any single derogatory adjective.

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