Points for pints

  csqwared 20:39 15 Feb 2012

Our local radio station were having a 'phone in' discussion regarding the merit, or lack of, of the 'drunk tank' currently being talked about by DC for punishing wayward drinkers. On of the callers to the programme suggested a deterrent which involved dishing out points and fines. She proposed that anyone requiring a night in the 'drunk tank' should be given three points and fined £100. Anyone subsequently requiring further nights should be given a further three points and a further fine. If any person should achieve 9 points a custodial sentence could be considered and if 12 points attained a definite custodial sentence. This argument, to me, seems to have a lot of merit. Any comments?

  csqwared 20:41 15 Feb 2012

Forgot to mention that this is instead of, not as well as, a night in the tank. :-(

  Aitchbee 21:29 15 Feb 2012

George Orwell famously wrote a book called "Down And Out In Paris And London" circa 1933. He (Orwell) was trying to survive.

Everthing has changed, and nothing has changed.

Now, (SOME) young people (USUALLY), are trying to kill themselves,(literally) by binge drinking.

The idea of these "drunk tanks" is something that Orwell might have envisaged in his other masterpiece "1984" written in 1948.

'Fish Tanks' by Aitchbee - I knew there was a book in me. :o]

  birdface 21:41 15 Feb 2012

Sounds good to me only one problem.(definite custodial sentence}Where would you put them all.

Especially Glesga on a Seterday night.

If they spend the night in the cells give them a weeks communal work sweeping the streets,Be nice for them especially in the winter.

  Input Overload 22:30 15 Feb 2012

Driving through Chesterfield town centre on a Saturday night after 11pm is an interesting experience, several police vans are usually in attendance dragging people boys & girls in to vans & drunks wandering across the road thinking they are invincible.

Some of these live in local hostels & move around weekly, many are not only on alcohol & if you can't stop them taking drugs how on earth are you going to stop them drinking? Unlike drivers who have a lot to lose as in their license these people have nothing to lose. Most own nothing & who on earth is going to police these perpetual drunks.

You cannot save people from their own stupidity & as above where on earth are you going to put these people?

Good idea in principle but no way can it work. They will refuse to pay fines as they don't have the money, there is no room in prisons, yet another idea dreamed up by someone who has never visited planet Earth. They will find alcohol in some way even if the price of booze is raised.

  Kevscar1 03:20 16 Feb 2012

bring back the stocks. Let them spend the next day sat in them in the town centre.

  wiz-king 06:29 16 Feb 2012

Drunktanks = old shipping containers, last one out in the morning has to clean it ready for the next nights consingment. Might act as a deterrent.

  morddwyd 12:00 16 Feb 2012

Soundbite politics again.

The necessary legislation already exists.

It's an offence to serve drink to someone who's already under the influence.

Remove the licences from those found guilty of this.

Declare them not a fit person for two, five, ten years.

  Scillonia 12:31 16 Feb 2012

Saw the header and thought Tesco or Nectar Points lol

  morddwyd 13:30 16 Feb 2012


Sorry, I had gone further back, to the original idea of drunk tanks.

Apologies to the OP, I temporarily lost control of my Cameron red haze!

  morddwyd 13:31 16 Feb 2012


Sorry, I had gone further back, to the original idea of drunk tanks.

Apologies to the OP, I temporarily lost control of my Cameron red haze!

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