PM to fight anti-social behaviour.?

  tein 07:17 29 Sep 2009

12 Years his party have had to sort this!
where i live is a lovely place & the house prices are expensive for northern england! the only downside is having a cycletrack at the end of the street! to say we have had a rough time with drinkers & thiefs using the cycletrack is a major understatment! weve had the police Exhausted by the events! we have had a CCTV mounted at the end of our street due to the blanket of issues! yesterday morning 07:20am! two late 20 year olds STLL drinking trying car doors as they walked from the cyclepath! i made myself known to them by saying "Alright guys!" they then stopped touching cars but as they walked past my house they started again!

There is little or no police funding to give the residents anymore support! the tsunami of PCSO's has vanished where are they.??

There was a female that decided to smash 15 car wing mirrors down our street a few months ago! she was arrested then released on bail! she got a £180 fine.? for somewhere in the region of £800 of damage.? hows that justified.? every car owner had to pay for there own mirrors to be replaced.?

So when i see Gordon brown telling me his party are looking at ASBO situations i say! You cant fool me Mr! ive asked for help before & ur restricted funding has stopped any help from the police! There is Absolutley NOTHING that will make me vote for Labour again! Nothing!!

  morddwyd 08:15 29 Sep 2009

Should start with himself!

  Quickbeam 08:50 29 Sep 2009

Preaching to the converted, clutching at straws, drinking at last chance saloon, too little to late, grasping for a lifeline, smoke and mirrors... virtually every corny cliche available can be used against this PM that's on the ropes of the political boxing ring.

  Snec 11:04 29 Sep 2009

12 Years his party have had to sort this!

You're right. In 12 years they have sorted nothing out but then neither did *old* Labour. Old Labour, New Labour, there's no difference. Throughout my lifetime whenever Labour has had a period in power they always leave things in a worse situation than when they took power. This time though they really have excelled themselves in almost every area.

  oresome 11:23 29 Sep 2009

Do you think funding is the answer?

Do you think there will be more funding available under the Tories?

  Snec 11:25 29 Sep 2009

No, I don't think there will. Not now.

We will be all be too busy paying off the debt Labour has got us into.

  ventanas 12:02 29 Sep 2009

Does he seriously believe that people will be fooled by this. I suppose some diehard idiots will be though. Too little far too late. He is about the worst PM we have ever had and is leading the most incompetant government we have ever had.
What is worrying me most is that the recent opinion polls point to the possibility of a hung parliament with LibDem and Labour holding 50% between them.
That would be catastrophic. Hopefully the forthcoming Tory conference will see them gain some ground.

  peter99co 12:22 29 Sep 2009

All sound bites and empty gestures till the election. And they are all doing the same thing.

Who do you think best represents your needs?
Who do you believe?

  jakimo 12:39 29 Sep 2009

I agree with what has been said.

But lets face it,no matter which party wins the next election things will get worse for the next 5 years,there will be less services across the board,(A police chief inspector interviewed on TV predicts a 20% reduction in the police force).

While I write New Labour are still making empty promises and lies in Brighton,to be paid for by more borrowed money, which will go on right up to their last days in office,but GB knows crunch time has arrived,he knows its payback time,and admits to cutbacks...We will see 20% cuts in NHS\Police\Education\Building projects
The only good cut talked about is reducing the number of MPs down to 500.The future don`t look bright

  peter99co 12:44 29 Sep 2009
  tein 12:52 29 Sep 2009


Alan Johnson was on tv at 07:40 this morning! he talked about the story in ur link related to not just the police or funding but other agencies!

I dont know what happened & whos is the guilty one/s maybe someone with a clue could tell me.?

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