Plumbers materials cost

  Sic 13:35 01 Feb 2007

I just recently had a plumber replace a valve on my boiler, though my wife was in when he came to look for the problem.

Invoice arrived and the material is £130 plus VAT. I called the part supplier as the guy left the old valve in the new parts box as requested.

Cost of part is £75.88 including VAT. Am i being unreasobable in thinking a markup of over 100% is rather excessive??!! Cost of fitting was hourly, so no the material cost is not to cover installation.

  amonra 13:51 01 Feb 2007

Cost of washer,- - - - - - - - - - 2p
Cost of knowing which washer, - - £30

You are paying for someone's expertise.

  €dstowe 13:51 01 Feb 2007

Surprised you got away with it as cheap as that.

  Sic 13:57 01 Feb 2007

Apologies, i should have stated:

Cost of knowing which washer: £65 per hour
Cost of fitting washer: £65 per hour (2 hours)
Cost of part: £130 even though part cost about £62.

So that argument does not wash. Its over 100% mark up just on the part, not on finding which part was needed, that was paid for on an hourly basis.

  Kate B 14:31 01 Feb 2007

I think you got off lightly with £130 too. Remember that boiler engineers have to be Corgi registered, which costs; and acquiring the expertise costs money, too. It's a bit misleading to focus purely on the wholesale cost of the widget - as amonra points out, you're paying for their expertise.

  namtas 14:31 01 Feb 2007

overpricing of a part is I believe a common act in my experience. It is I am afraid another case (sorry FE) of rip-off Britain and another case of excessive profiteering, Nothing you can do about it really, just put it down to experience and be wiser the next time.

  namtas 14:39 01 Feb 2007

Kate B, Sorry, but unless the work ethic has changed overnight you are totally missing the point, expertise, knowledge, experience should not equate to excessive elevation of price of parts used. You pay for expertise and experience in the labour charge.

  Rigga 15:11 01 Feb 2007

I think Sic is trying to say the invoice was broken down and the cost of parts on the invoice was £130 not the total cost of the invoice.

I expect the total invoice was much higher.

Although you do not say if that was the only part he fitted. i.e. he may have replaced pipe etc.

If it was the only part fitted then i'd have a word with the plumber in question.


  Pamy 15:39 01 Feb 2007

If the cost of the part alone could have been bought for £75.88, I would question the company as to who they bought the part from and do another check on their price for the part

  Pamy 15:43 01 Feb 2007

Sorry Sic, I see that you did what I have suggested as you had the suppliers box. I would take the matter up with the plumbing firm

  jackhass 15:51 01 Feb 2007

I had a timing belt done a few years ago and asked them to replace the fan belt which had to be removed in the process.

On the bill they charged me half an hours labour to replace the fan belt.They argued that this was simply how they priced-in the whole job.

I was not happy.Bad pricing practice and false and didn't pay it.

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