Plug-in insect killer refills

  johndrew 13:55 16 Jul 2008

Something quite different as a plea for help.

A few years ago I bought two Vapona Plug-in Flying Insect Killers. Basically they are 13 amp plugs modified to contain a heating element and a small bottle of chemical. When on the element heats a wick the chemical is released into the air. The beauty of them is they are silent and non-toxic to humans and animals so may be used in bedrooms to rid them of those pesky buzzing mosquitoes!!

Unfortunately I have used the last of the refills and have been unable to locate any supplier for replacements - this using both web searches and visits to local stores.

I know there are suppliers of similar products but the refills are a different shape and will not fit the heater units I have - they are also around £10 each. To avoid disposing of serviceable items, has anyone knowledge of a source of refills for the Vapona units?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  jack 14:01 16 Jul 2008

with a similar need- so like ink jet cartridges I refill them.

Lidle sell their own devices and bottles of the ungent- so buy the refill and decant into existing
containers -is that not possible?

  €dstowe 14:17 16 Jul 2008

Dichlorvos, the active ingredient in Vapona is not now permitted click here

Far from being non-toxic, it is very toxic indeed and I remember being very ill as a child by having one of the Vapona blocks close to me in my room. It took a long time before it was realised what was causing my lethargy, nausea, vomiting and various other symptoms which disappeared as soon as I was in hospital for a couple of days.

OK, I was hypersensitive to it but I am very pleased that other organophosphorus pesticides are similarly proscribed as I reacted to all of them.

  johndrew 14:26 16 Jul 2008

Quite a bit different to air freshener I`m afraid. It would need to be the same (or very similar) safe formulation capable of being heated by mains supply current and left unattended. The heater unit does get reasonably warm to the touch.

It may be possible to purchase the Jungle Formula refills and transfer those, but I`m not certain they are designed for UK use in the same manner. The Jungle Formula contains Prallethrin whereas the Vapona item contains d-Allethrin.

  johndrew 14:30 16 Jul 2008

click here

It is approved by HSE (approval number 5708) and contains d-Allethrin not Dichlorvos. I think you are referring to the Vapona blocks in a plastic sleeve that were used by opening them only to the atmosphere not heating them.

  €dstowe 14:36 16 Jul 2008

You are right. I have avoided anything and everything that hints of the Vapona name (as you might imagine) and thus was not ware of the advance.

I would have thought, though, that they might have come up with a different name as it certainly wasn't just me that suffered these ill effects.

  spuds 15:11 16 Jul 2008

Cannot help you with Vapona refills, but a journey down to Aldi might solve the problem. Last week they were selling electric 40watt insect and fly killers for £5.99. Even includes spare heating elements and bulbs.

Failing that suggestion, an email or phone call to Vapona or parent company perhaps.

  wiz-king 15:17 16 Jul 2008

These are similar click here

even to the customer review!

  johndrew 17:12 16 Jul 2008

Thanks, but those I`m looking for are chemical not blue light - the light keeps me awake at night.

  johndrew 17:26 16 Jul 2008

Does look very similar, but again the review said no refills found. Wilkinsons also advertise them (cheaper!!) so I will ask if I can find no Vapona refills.

  johndrew 10:55 17 Jul 2008


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