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  Seth Haniel 11:39 09 Nov 2010

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Residents of England's highest market town have come up with a solution to combat its winter isolation.

Alston in Cumbria is frequently cut off by blizzards and snow drifts, with the past winter one of the most severe for a generation.

The town has a number of co-operative enterprises, and the latest is the construction of a community snowplough.

It combines a farmer's tractor, parts of an old snowplough, a gritter and a snow blower.


  Noldi 11:50 09 Nov 2010

I think this is quite normal in country’s that have white winters the farmer clears the roads and everybody chips in. The tractor isn’t doing a lot at this time of year and he gets to make a few bob to pay for the attachment that fits on his tractor. All they have to do is stop people parking in the road so he can get through.

UK law can you be prosecuted if somebody skids off the road because you have cleared it??? Bit like clearing the pavement in front of your house.


  interzone55 12:12 09 Nov 2010

It's a myth that you can be prosecuted if someone slips on a path you've cleared.

This is more crap spread by people afraid of action from no win no fee ambulance chasers.

The fact is that providing you have taken reasonable care to make the path safe and ice free, and not blocked the pavement or road with cleared snow you are totally safe from action.

Health and Safety is a two way street, it's down to everybody to make sure that you act in a safe manner, and that means if something is in your way, be it an obstacle or patch of ice, you take care to avoid it, not run straight into it then sue someone because you're an idiot...

  jakimo 12:35 09 Nov 2010

providing it is cleared 'carefully'

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  bjh 15:35 09 Nov 2010

Our village has an old tractor. In summer it's used to cut the cricket pitch, in winter it's used to clear the village of snow, and in spring & autumn, we all desperately try to fix the bits we've broken off it with our poor steering....

  morddwyd 20:40 09 Nov 2010

I can remember one Sunday winter's evening a Deeside road blocked by a fallen tree, a fairly large one.

Within about twenty minutes every local within a mile who had a chain saw was on the scene cutting away.

Another twenty minutes and we were on our way again.

Down south it would probably have taken a three week court case to decide whether it was the Forestry Commission or the Council who were responsible!

  wee eddie 20:54 09 Nov 2010

One assumes that they cleared the wood away as well!

  peter99co 21:19 09 Nov 2010

I expect the wood was put to good use. Winter Fuel and all that.

  onionskin 21:33 09 Nov 2010

Buxton is England's highest market town too.

  interzone55 08:50 10 Nov 2010

Flash, down the road from Buxton, is even higher, but doesn't have a market. I think it's the highest village in England.

When nutmeg was really expensive they used to make fake nutmegs in Flash out of lumps of wood and sell them to merchants as they passed through on the way to Macclesfield. This is the origin of the phrase Flash Harry...

  morddwyd 10:14 10 Nov 2010

Well I never knew that!

As ever, keep learning, knowledge is power.

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