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  morddwyd 08:19 22 Mar 2011

Last week I had a letter from the council asking me to telephone to arrange an appointment for a survey they wished to carry out.

I wrote back, to the address on the letter, saying that the telephone was not easy for me, and asking would it be possible to arrange this on-line (this council offers virtually all services on-line).

There is now a message on my answering machine, saying that the office I wrote to (the address on the letter) did not deal with this matter, and would I please telephone to arrange an appointment etc.

Are my expectations too high in expecting council officials to read the letters they receive before they reply to them?

  carver 09:43 22 Mar 2011

One word "YES", this is the council you are talking about they are not there to help you, any body would think you help to pay their salaries.

They don't read letters unless it contains cash, or similar item.

The other week I had a letter from them to say my bin had not been emptied because it was too heavy and would I take items out to reduce the weight, or I could be fined, to cut a long story short it wasn't my bin.

I phoned and asked for another letter to say that this was their mistake and nothing to do with me, answer, "we don't send out letters like that"

  Seth Haniel 09:44 22 Mar 2011

it is them that want to carry out the survey -let them contact you

Simples :)

  SparkyJack 10:06 22 Mar 2011

They employ too many people doing silly little tasks on computers with in a narrow band of activities-
That is they not allowed to think.

I have for the past 2.5 years been having similar troubles with 2 firms[one succeeding the other] over on the one hand daling with bank details for making payments in one department - and another making payments.
So I have on several occasions had to repeat instructions on the one side - whilst the payment side send me cheques made out to my late wife, because automatic payments keep bouncing from her long closed accounts.
I cant use the use cheques either now because the executer account has long closed.
I eventually got it sorted by contacting her former employer[this is to do with her employee share options]to deliver a sharp kick from their end - that sorted it.
In your case morddwyd I suggest a E mail/letter to your ward Councillor should have a similar affect.

  Dragon_Heart 00:09 23 Mar 2011

Like 'carver' we had problems with our bin collections, they only half emptied them. I had on little oik telling me about gravity but when I asked him what speed gravity was he just mumbled.

We wrote to ALL the council members, some wrote back saying they also had similar problems but even they could not get a result.

Seth Haniel is correct, let them contact you !

They will soon get fed up.

  Condom 01:26 24 Mar 2011

Its not just councils who do this. I've had problems with Virgin for months concerning my broadband and no matter what I write to them I just get an e-mail back asking me to call the customer services at my expense. I'd done that before only to get passed from pillar to post and then hung up on when they knew the couldn't solve my problem in their allotted 4 minutes or whatever it is they get these days.I eventually cancelled with them but they still keep asking me to phone them. I just reply by e-mail that if they are so desperate to speak to me they caqn call me. All this seems to do is generate a further e-mail with the same message. Good fun isn't it?

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