Please Don't Confuse Me with Information

  fourm member 08:19 05 Mar 2014

So, TV has finally realised that Downing Street has shied away from publishing a new report showing that immigration is not as problematic as people believe.

What's going on? Is there a fear of what right-wing Tories will make of the information or is it seen as easier to fight Ukip if the issues are kept simple.

Saying 'the report is not finished' is bogus because, of course, no report is finished until the OK is given to publish.

BBC News story or Newsnight on iPlayer

  carver 08:37 05 Mar 2014

forum membersorry but you can't say "*Saying 'the report is not finished' is bogus because, of course, no report is finished until the OK is given to publish"

What you should have said is "'the report is not finished until it's been altered to suite the government of the day and allow government officials to cover their tracks"

  spuds 09:33 05 Mar 2014

I wonder how long it takes for some people to realise, that reports and statistics are there for those that want to convince the public, just what the publisher or those requesting the articles want.

If it looks convincing enough, then I suppose some people will be convinced, and indeed state this themselves as fact!.

The actual truth about immigration, is the actual fact, nobody really knows, and this as been stated on a number of occasions by some of those who study the subject.

  carver 10:12 05 Mar 2014

spuds how do you know that nobody knows, or are you basing your facts on assumptions that nobody knows and or the people who came out with these facts actually know the truth.

  fourm member 10:31 05 Mar 2014

I fear carver may be right and that, of course, leaves the door open to people who want to continue to believe what they believe and just say that new information is unreliable.

Note that I'm referring to 'information' rather than 'facts' because I knew there would be the 'nobody really knows' claims.

On the face of it, you'd think Cameron would want to get this information out.

Not only does it show up the scaremongering misinformation of Ukip, it also undermines statements made by Theresa May, seen by some as a candidate to replace Cameron.

I can't see why you'd suppress this. Can anybody suggest the thinking?

  Aitchbee 15:25 05 Mar 2014

Can anybody suggest the thinking?

The current government will be relying on the majority of the general public to be more concerned with the rise in the cost of living,benefit cuts, the floods, internet crime, The Ukraine crisis, etc ... than to be interested in the 'shenanigans' of this coalition government's mistakes at 'Top-Level'.

[similar to spuds' post earlier]

  Aitchbee 17:44 05 Mar 2014

Please Don't Confuse Me with Information

That's what I was thinking [in my mind] when I was faced with a first year university mathematics question paper yonks ago ... I got zero.

Mrs May should have known better. Why do the British public have to put up with such incompetance?

  john bunyan 17:55 05 Mar 2014

Rather than debating the issue of if immigrants displace indigenous workers, surely the important thing is to ensure that the infrastructure matches the net immigration. So if, say, the net immigration is 200000, then, just for them, we need to build about 50,000 houses and provide the appropriate number of roads, schools, doctors etc. Either the net immigration needs to be curbed or we need huge investment in these things, as there is no spare capacity, it seems. Then there is the question of who should pay for this investment.

  Forum Editor 18:24 05 Mar 2014

Deviating slightly.....

I had to go to my local hospital for a blood test yesterday. It's a five minute job, but as I have been abroad, and hadn't had time to make an appointment, I had to wait for around two hours to be seen. I'm not complaining about that, but some of the thirty or so other people who were waiting did complain - they still hadn't been seen an hour after their appointment time.

There were four cubicles in the testing area, but only two of them were operating. When I finally went in for testing, the middle-aged female technician told me that she had been doing the job for twenty five years, but couldn't wait to retire - she said "it's getting worse and worse".

When I asked her what was getting worse she said 'the number of immigrants who are clogging up the system'.

I relate the story because it illustrates the point that perception is more often what counts than cold,hard facts. It quite obviously isn't the number of immigrants that caused yesterday's delay - it was the lack of sufficient staff and/or the inability of the NHS to cope with its workload. The fact remains that my technician has made up her mind that it was immigrants, and I doubt that all the reports and government statements in the world would make her change her mind - her perception is deep-rooted, as it is with large numbers of the general public. All our problems would go away if it wasn't for those foreigners.

  Aitchbee 18:36 05 Mar 2014

jb - to answer your question of who will pay for this influx of foreigners to this country - the simple answer is ... the welfare state.

  Algerian peter ™ 19:13 05 Mar 2014


Would that be the same walfare state that has kept you on invalidity benefits and you hope will continue with your application for disability living allowanse.

Even though you have been declared fit for work?

It is strange that the majority of immigrants want to work and pay taxes. A tiny minority of Britains are happy to use the system and blame anyone else.

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