'please dont buy it ';a Norton lover, I presume?!

  p;3 21:19 30 Jan 2007

went to PC world for some more cartriges for my printer with all the heavy work it is getting thrown at it at present;

standing in a long line to go through the check out, and could not help but notice a customer with Norton Internet security 2007 in her hand ;

after the debates we have had on here and my own struggles and dislike of/with it I confess I muttered not quite under my breath 'not another norton lover.please dont do it..please dont buy it..it will use up too much of your systems resourses..there are other ways of protecting your machine than that'

she did not hear my mutterings..and bought it...

I then thought'you poor soul..I know some of the problems you are now facing...get ther removal tool too'

maybe I should have muttered a bit louder?!:)

  jackhass 21:29 30 Jan 2007

But maybe if she had seen you with the mega money printer cartriges from PCWorld in your hands then she would have been muttering pharmaceutical advice.

  Jimmy14 21:33 30 Jan 2007

Just as well she never heard your garbage mutterings. Norton Internet Security 2007 is one of the best if not the best all in one security suite on the market. It doesn't take up much resources as proved in online tests which you can search for on Google or better still, have you fully tested each and every security package to see what resources they take up. Excellent software on Vista as well.

  p;3 21:37 30 Jan 2007

not quite; I went for some cheeper versions::))

  jackhass 21:41 30 Jan 2007

I bought a cheaper one at the market for £14 recently.
The exact same one was £26 in PCW!!

  p;3 21:42 30 Jan 2007

I may have been muttering but it certainly was not garbage and I did use polite civilized language in my mutterings

  Jimmy14 21:50 30 Jan 2007

They might be "polite and in a civilised language" but just because their your beliefs it doesn't mean their true.

  gudgulf 22:01 30 Jan 2007

Here's a couple of comments from a search on Google:

click here

click here

These are user comments rather than formal reviews.There are many more like these.....I searched for NIS2007 reviews.

Can't comment from personal experience beyond NIS2005.....but,Jimmy14, note that there are many users who are FAR from impressed with the 2007 version.

Having said that,p;3...........whilst I am no fan of Norton I am at a loss as to the reason for this post.It's only going to wind up the pro/anti Norton factions.

  Forum Editor 22:14 30 Jan 2007

I agree, I can't see the point of it, and it is certain to develop into a Pro and Con Norton debate.

I'm closing the thread I'm afraid.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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