A plea from me.

  Forum Editor 23:47 05 Jul 2011

If you are going to send me notifications about spam postings - and thank you to those of you who do - could you make sure to include a link to the thread in question?

I'm receiving lots of emails along the lines of 'there's a spam post in the Helproom thread about a broken computer'

Unfortunately that's no good - I simply don't have the time to trawl through dozens of threads trying to find the offending post.

Just select and copy the page address from your browser's address bar when you're in the offending thread, and paste it into your email. All the better if you send in html format, so the address forms a hyperlink, but that's not essential - just me wanting a perfect world.

That's it - over and out.

  Autoschediastic 01:27 06 Jul 2011

nps FE il know in future! gn..

  Aitchbee 11:35 07 Jul 2011

I respect your pleading entry.

  Covergirl 08:16 04 Aug 2011


For threads like this i.e. notices or requests, why don't you use the functionality of the "sticky"?

At the bottom of each forums index page, there's a key to the type of posts and one of them is a pushpin denoting a sticky.

I guess you're not a fan of stickies - however, it might be useful to have just one at a time, leave it there for a couple of weeks or so then delete it at your convenience.

  wiz-king 08:25 04 Aug 2011

I think you also need a way of deleting 'sort of spam' post like this one of three from the help room this morning and putting the post back in the archives where it belongs.

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