Playing with your Wii (revolution)

  SG Atlantis® 12:12 01 May 2006

What is it with companies as of late. Choosing "cool" code names and then naff official names.

Nintendo have just renamed revolution to Wii (pronounced wee).

Revolution was 100 times better!

I'll still hold out for the ps3 though, the revolution looks as wacky as new the name.

  Starfox 12:43 01 May 2006

but don't judge a book by it's cover (or title in this case) because Nintendo have always had the best games in terms of playability, replay value and great games for the younger gamers.

The N64 was the first console to fully utilise 3D gaming and many of their titles were years ahead of their time although Nintendo seem to have lost the plot of late and have concentrated on portable gaming, Nintento DS for example, but they always manage to come up with something unique.

  SG Atlantis® 12:51 01 May 2006

We have the DS and love it, the missus loves nintendogs. The touch screen and built in mic, so you can call the dog & pet it, is absolutely brilliant.

Still unsure of the Wii though.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:59 01 May 2006

and say to the assistant "I want a Wii"?

  zincy 23:45 01 May 2006

The E3 is coming up soon, and everyone will be talking about the PS3 and not many was talking about nintendo's revolution....But with a name like 'WII' its on everyones lips...good strategy on nintendo's behalf

  wolfie3000 04:46 02 May 2006

What ever the name this generations console battle looks to be intense i look forward to see what the games look like running on the machines.

  DrScott 12:44 02 May 2006

Wii really is the world's most stupid name, and clearly someone hasn't thought too hard about how it translates in other languages.

I mean really, "have you seen my new wii?!" My money is on the PS3...

  wee eddie 12:49 02 May 2006

Sorry - Too good a chance to miss!

  Starfox 13:56 02 May 2006

"Wii really is the world's most stupid name, "

As with the Dolphin, re-named Gamecube, I doubt that will be the name of the end product.

  wolfie3000 14:08 02 May 2006

Wee eddie

Maybe you could change your name to wii eddie?

Just a thought lol.

  DrScott 14:57 02 May 2006

Both literally and metaphorically, not really :o)

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