Playing Games on Laptops

  tammer 22:16 10 Nov 2005

PC Advisor mag keeps saying things like "I can't understand why you'd want to use a laptop for games" in reviews so I thought I'd get something off my chest.

I love video games (even though I'm 35) but was frustrated that the games I really love never came out on the PS2. I'm talking about Battlefield 1942, Medieval Total War and that sort of thing. I'd been thinking of buying a PC for some time for work and studying but, as I've got only a 2 bedroom house, I didn't want to lose a room to a desktop PC.

I eventually decided on an Evesham Voyager C510 laptop and, as an experiment, bought B/Field 1942 and have since had a great time playing it online. What's the problem with that?

  Dan the Doctus 22:32 10 Nov 2005

I totally agree. My laptop (Pentium M 1.73, GeForce Go 6200) plays Half-Life 2 really well with settings just below max. A 'gamer' would probably turn their nose up at it, but then they are only satisfied with machines with enough power to put a man on Mars anyway. I like to play games occasionally, and my laptop does just fine (I'm 37 btw).

  wolfie3000 02:34 11 Nov 2005

Games do work well on laptops I know of two friends who play gunz online and Halo and they have no problems.

  Chegs ® 03:14 11 Nov 2005

The reason that its advised against using a laptop for games is most generally have onboard graphics,and although these devices can be used for games its not recommended as the modern games are quite graphic intensive.The Evesham Voyager C510 has a seperate card,and an asking price way beyond the prices of a higher spec desktop.I to have a laptop,its perfect for my uses,but cannot be used for games,even simple games tax it to death(at 233Mhz CPU + 2Mb onboard graphics,its no surprise either)

  Pooke 10:00 11 Nov 2005

I know people that ditched the desktop to get a lappy for the reasons above, space saving and portability. And yes they play games on it, it's a computer of course it's acceptable to play computer games on them.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 12:59 11 Nov 2005

Could it be because laptops are harder to upgrade? I'm just guessing here, so I could well be wrong - but I prefer my desktop because of the ease of upgrading, and the fact that I like taking over a small corner of my house (although we'll not mention the 32 > 64 bit upgrade that I'm pondering, as that doesn't look cheap at all)

I don't see that there's anything fundamentally wrong with playing games on a laptop - it's just that you could probably get a similar spec Desktop PC for cheaper 22:15 11 Nov 2005

I'd consider myself a 'gamer' and as Dan says - I do like my desktop to be quite powerful. That said however, I do regularly play games on my laptop - this is mainly due to my partner moaning if I dissapear to be on the PC. She is quite happy on the other hand, for me to play games on the laptop so long as I'm sat on the sofa with her!! Works well for me, although my laptop is getting on a bit so I do need to lower many of the settings to run the latest games.

  g0nvs 08:19 12 Nov 2005

"I love video games (even though I'm 35)"
What's wromg with that ? PC games are'nt reserved for teenages, anyone can play them regardless of age. Me, I'm 53. The wife 51, she is a first person shooter addict.

  jbp1982 09:11 12 Nov 2005

My dad now 61 always stole my games consoles as a kid! He still loves games and so do I.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 11:41 12 Nov 2005

On the topic of age, according to the ESA (click here) - "The average game player is 30 years old and has been playing games for 9.5 years"

Which suggests that games aren't the unique domain of teenagers.

Sadly, I'm younger than the average age - and have been playing games for longer...

  tammer 16:04 13 Nov 2005

Thanks for all the comments folks. It seems I struck a chord with some forum members.

If anyone out there still plays Battlefield 1942 be sure and look out for Tammer Stern on the Alfred Uni or Rum and Coke servers.

All the best.

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