Plastic packaging (not an ecology thread)

  Covergirl 22:30 13 Feb 2009

I'm totally amazed how firms manage to get it wrong.

For example: all sorts of rice and pasta is packaged in plastic bags which a normal person can't open without spilling the contents. Basmati rice from Tesco (for example) the bag splits instantaneously.

Try to get into a bag of naan breads though . . .

  dagnammit 22:34 13 Feb 2009

Or the hard plastic packaging of some toys and electrical items come in. I almost always manage to cut myself on them.

  peter99co 22:37 13 Feb 2009

I think it is an attempt to reduce packaging to a minimum. It has to be just strong enough to survive the travel from factory to shop then home.

I always cut the bag over a tin and store it that way.

  Covergirl 22:37 13 Feb 2009

and stuff in hard plastic packaging that ordinary scissors won't get through. Tchhh. Anti Theft deterrents I think.

  peter99co 22:38 13 Feb 2009

Got the Teashirt and Bandages

  Covergirl 22:38 13 Feb 2009

Eh !

  mammak 23:13 13 Feb 2009

I have cut my mouth in the past, trying to bite through the plastic packaging on memory cards and the likes. :-(

  Chegs ®™ 06:04 14 Feb 2009

For the hard plastic packaging,I have a pair of tinsnips.The softer variety usually give way easily with ordinary scissors.I gave up trying to gain entry into plastic packaging with my teeth many years ago when a friend had slashed his cheek so badly he had to attend hospital.

  peter99co 14:17 14 Feb 2009

You don't use your teeth to open bottletop's do you?

  mammak 19:16 15 Feb 2009

"You don't use your teeth to open bottletop's do you?"

No I don't, do you? ;-)

  carver 20:30 15 Feb 2009

Haven't you realised that it's a new marketing scheme, bag splits, contents go on floor, you have to buy more.

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