Plan to bring UK clocks forward

  peter99co 19:03 20 Feb 2011

Ministers want to be satisfied the country backs the plan before giving the go-ahead, the BBC understands.

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The proposals will be published by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in the coming week, the BBC has been told.

  birdface 19:26 20 Feb 2011

I think David cameron has got enough sense to leave this one alone just now.
He has made a few mistakes already and I am sure he does not want another one to have to back track on.
It has been thought off a few times and not sure if there was a trial period for it.
It was sort of turned down before as they did not want children having accidents on their way to school.
And to many perverts out there to take advantage of the dark.
Probably a good idea for Business but not so sure if the common people of this country would accept it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:40 20 Feb 2011

"Tourism bosses say the number of overseas visitors would increase if summer evenings were lighter and they estimate the benefits to the economy could total billions of pounds."

Ooh, the British have put their clocks forward an hour, lets all go there for a holiday!

I don't think so.

  hssutton 20:04 20 Feb 2011

The last time we had double summertime I quite enjoyed it, often playing cricket untill gone 10pm.

  Macscouse 20:06 20 Feb 2011

If it happens, then sunset in the Inverness area in June would be 45 minutes before midnight. Try getting the kids to bed at the correct time.

  peter99co 20:23 20 Feb 2011

Prime Minister David Cameron indicated he was willing to consider a switch.

"The argument will be won when people across the country feel comfortable with the change," he said in August 2010.

A three-year experiment to keep BST all year took place between 1968 and 1971, but was not made permanent.

  morddwyd 20:23 20 Feb 2011

Catch up in the winter.

Make 'em stay in bed 'til daylight, around 11.00 (on a fine day)!

  DANZIG 21:48 20 Feb 2011

Personally, I think its a fantastic idea. It might take getting used to - but doesn't all change??

If it makes an extra few bob for the country I'm all for it.

It might make a few pennies extra for the company I work for.

  peter99co 23:34 20 Feb 2011

the TV was a young guy who said move 2 hours from the morning to the afternoon and it will mean we can have an extra drink with friends later in the day. What a moron.

  Quickbeam 07:54 21 Feb 2011

If this goes ahead, we'll lose two subject threads per year going on about the clock changes, there's only so much that can be said about tinned tomatoes to fill the vacant thread quota...

  morddwyd 08:34 21 Feb 2011

Yes, but think of all the threads there'll be about bringing back the old system, like the regular ones about leaving the EU, bringing back hanging, reinstating the birch etc!

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