Place your bets on Olympics

  MichelleC 15:51 15 Mar 2007

The initial guestimate was about £2.5 billion, now it's gone up to £9.3 billion click here

The top guy who originally resigned because of all the bickering and misinformation said last year it would cost closer to £15 billion.

Are any bookies taking odds on this?

  chocolate cake 15:53 15 Mar 2007

I'll ave a £1 bet at £15bn to one.

  postie24 15:58 15 Mar 2007

Ill make a bet that my council tax will go up to compensate

  beeuuem 16:24 15 Mar 2007

Anything under £25 billionwould be a miracle.

  Bingalau 16:36 15 Mar 2007

What annoys me is the way they say the government will pay for a percentage of it, another percentage will come from the lottery. The rest will come from the public. (That's my interpretation of it anyway). I assume the government's money is our money anyway. The lottery money certainly is our money. Maybe all the MP's are going to contribute a percentage of their wages/salaries. If they gave up their other perks it might go some way to paying toward what looks like is going to be another "Dome" fiasco.

  riiverstock 16:36 15 Mar 2007

If the Olympics were created to-day it would be laught at,especially thinking ofall the money and politics involved.
With the modern games, half the world are in bed and most of the other half will fall asleep during it.

To me the Olympic games is just the men's 100m sprint race;simply being the most exciting event and a true indicator of the advances in drug research.Not forgetting the research into the ever changing face of gender!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:44 15 Mar 2007

I hope this is all worth it for 3 weeks of people legging it around. Over the last 2 years I have been to a few athletics events and to say that they were over run by spectators would be a bigger lie than WMD. This is going to be an unmitigated and rather costly disaster. Not one host country has ever made a profit from staging the games and this looks like continuing the trend. Coe and that Jowell woman need a potted lesson in basic fiscal economics and a damn good talking to where their fortunes are read backwards to them.

The Govt. can shove it where a squirrel shoves its' nuts if they think that I am going to contribute to this sorry situation.


  Bingalau 16:58 15 Mar 2007

Gandalf. That's the problem you and I are contributing to it whether or not we want to. A small improvement in an area of London should not be paid for by people in other parts of the British Isles. You would think they should have learned their lesson from the Scottish Parliament and the Dome.

  oresome 17:54 15 Mar 2007

What a set of grumps!

How about celebrating the fact that we won the competition to host the Olympics and now have the chance of showing the world what the UK is capable of in organisational and construction skills as well as sporting achievment.

  wallbash 18:10 15 Mar 2007

With the cost rising , and rising some of us are rightly feeling Grumpy.

May i ask oresome wot figure would be too much for the games.

15/16 perhaps 20 billion??

  Zero G 18:15 15 Mar 2007

10p, oh OK hmmmm lets think of a big number & multiply it by 10.
15 Billion or so?

I really seem to have lost interest, but i'm sure they will find a way to get it, may be charge more for the congestion charge or hike my council tax higher, or why not take it out of Ken's wages!

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