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  v1asco 20:47 15 Oct 2006


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Please see my thread above and the comment from anskyber.

Lets have a debate.

Should we be allowed to post hints and tips

If so where?

The Helproom (threads normally started by the person needing help)

Absolute beginners (some of the tips may seem old hat to some)

Is it right that we debate matters of law breaking ( speed cameras- you break the law you get fined - what is the argument there?)

or is speakers corner just that -

Provided the code of conduct is followed we can all voice our opinion on a subject without fear of silly remarks from others.

Come on folks what do you think.

But lets not get to serious folks

  Totally-braindead 21:02 15 Oct 2006

Yes why not post hints and tips as long as the Forum doesn't become overloaded with them. Where to post them? Well.....I suppose Speakers Corner really unless it might be something that might help someone with a problem in which case I suppose the Helproom. I don't know if we'd want another Forum, we've got eight already although 3 I never go into as they're not my thing.

Why not debate matters of law, I see no harm in it as long as no one starts being offensive in which case the FE will take care of it.

You want to start a thread on speed cameras then go ahead but I'm almost certain that was covered before so it might be old rope.

It wasn't long ago the Speakers Corner was opened up to virtually anything you want to speak about and I personally find it refreshing, a nice break from the computers questions. Of course some people probably don't feel that way. Before the postings had to be computer related in some way. Now almost anything goes as long as you're not being offensive to someone.

Regarding your original posting bugle I did get it and I mean no offence by saying this but it was a bit abrupt and I did think at the time some of the people who were new to computers would have had no idea at all what you meant.

  mammak 21:09 15 Oct 2006

I can see this thread being of interest but you have made one mistake you singled out a fellow forum member wouldn't imagine that will go down to well but good luck with your thread.

  anskyber 21:14 15 Oct 2006

Oh dear! No I am not upset, and if I have upset you then I genuinely am sorry. To be honest I forgotten about your thread and I did not return to it after my posting.

My comment provoked by your choice of Speaker's Corner and your discovery of Google did not seem to be a strong candidate to me for thought provoking discussion. Indeed it did not, or at least up to now. The corner allows for that sort of exchange, and to be fair the odd jibe.

Hints and tips are great and there are one or two excellent long running threads which cover the subject. Do not misunderstand me, I regard myself as a relative beginer and I do not claim any degree of excellence even though I try to help others where I can.

In the past I have attracted the disapproval of the FE when I "campained" for Absolute Beginners to be viewed on the same main page as the others. It is now there with the new Vista forum and I thank the FE for the change. ( I do not claim any "credit" for it by the way) So, no, if people find me blunt at times it is in the debating environment. It is not a lack of respect for others which is something very different.

  anskyber 21:25 15 Oct 2006

Thats OK. bugle
has raised some interesting points and in a way re-opened the recent thread about the way members treat each other so I am fine about it. My memory tells me that other hints and tips are in the Helproom but I could be wrong.

  mammak 21:29 15 Oct 2006

No probs just looking out for our clan :-)

bugle no offence meant ok.

  Forum Editor 23:36 15 Oct 2006

for general discussion is that you occasionally get threads posted about the most trivial of things.

That remark isn't aimed at anyone in particular, so nobody need be offended, but......

Sometimes I think that some people sit there, dreaming up subjects for Speakers Corner - just for the sake of a thread. Put a large group of people altogether in one place, and tell them to talk about things and they will, endlessly. It's a fact of life. Just look at any chat-room and you'll see what happens when people are left to their own devices.

As far as hints and tips are concerned, if you want to post about them feel free to do it, but don't do it here. I don't think I could stand andless threads with tips about how to speed up Windows, or what to do if your computer slows down. We've had them before, and to my mind there's nothing more boring.

Hints and tips can go in Absolute beginners please. We'll keep this area for discussions.

  v1asco 09:12 16 Oct 2006

Thats cleared the up things this end.

Anskyber I now understand your point of view.It was not my intention to single you out, I intended to show where the idea for this discussion arose, which is the way you have (thankfully) taken it.

The speed camera issue was an example, it has been well covered.

It is always interesting to read others opinions.

Finally, my posts were not meant to be abrupt, however I find it difficult at times to put the 'tone' of my thoughts on paper.

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