"Pity the fool who thinks harsher prisons...

  Quickbeam 07:38 11 Mar 2008

make for penitent convicts."

I've got a problem understanding who the 'fool' is... click here

Signed... Mr Angry, Tunbridge Wells!

  Mike D 08:09 11 Mar 2008

Well that's it, the absolute proof that this country is ruled by, at best, blithering idiots, and at worst ...
I daren't say!

  interzone55 09:00 11 Mar 2008

There's a lesson to be learnt from this - don't believe a word that the Daily Express & Daily Mail say when it comes to crime & justice. Those two newspapers' two aims are to get "Princess" Diana beatified and to scare the readers so much that they never leave the house again...

  Quickbeam 09:04 11 Mar 2008

"The court should review the total sentence to ensure that it is proportionate to the offending behaviour and properly balanced." (page 13).

That'll do me...

  Quickbeam 09:06 11 Mar 2008

We've been down the newspaper snobbery route before... They all bias their read towards the agenda of their paymasters.

  anskyber 10:07 11 Mar 2008

"They all bias their read towards the agenda of their paymasters."

I think fourm member's point is looking at your opening post they clearly have been successful in their delusional rants.

  Grey Goo 10:46 11 Mar 2008

It does say "New proposed Guidelines" I don't know if it's spin or not, and I daresay a lot of others will not know either.

  Quickbeam 12:20 11 Mar 2008

Why do you think I signed it Mr Angry?

  Quickbeam 12:21 11 Mar 2008

I think the whole area of 'new proposed Guidelines', 'open to public consultation', 'no plans at present', 'not our intention' statements etc, is exactly that... 'grey goo'!!!

But we won't like it when they wheel it out, and force whatever was hidden in the gobbledygook hiding it, whatever 'it' was...

  Miros 12:32 11 Mar 2008

When you read articles in the Express like this one, it makes you wonder how long before they loose that freedom of the press when they abuse it so.

Will we ever get an unbiased press coverage it this country?

  anskyber 12:41 11 Mar 2008

Far too subtle for me. :-))

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