Pirates - This is how to do it!

  john bunyan 10:11 22 Oct 2011
  wiz-king 10:28 22 Oct 2011

Not enough learning - they will almost certainly just be sent home to do it again!

  Forum Editor 11:53 22 Oct 2011

"A British helicopter flew over the bridge and the pirates gave themselves up immediately"

It's pretty obvious that they did it because they realised the secure bridge area meant they couldn't get control of the vessel. Securing vessels in this way seems such an obvious precaution, I imagine it's relatively inexpensive, and is something that can be retro-fitted into existing vessels.

  Crosstrainer2 11:56 22 Oct 2011


Actually on modern MV's it's the norm. The trouble with these so called Pirates, os that they target elderly vesssels with perhaps not the most astute crew aboard. (Sometimes simply not enough crew)

Any modern Merchant, or Warship come to that, has a storeroom as described.

  Woolwell 11:57 22 Oct 2011

There was another successful anti-piracy op later in the week HMS Somerset. This didn't have a secure area.

  Crosstrainer2 12:03 22 Oct 2011


No, but Pirates tend to fight shy of anything bristling with guns and a well trained crew. This of course be treated as an act of war, the pirates would certainly get nothing in terms of financial remuneration and would almost certainly end up dead.

That assumes that they could actually take over a warship, which I doubt.

  Woolwell 12:21 22 Oct 2011

Er they didn't try to take over a warship. I was just pointing out that they gave up in this case too. The Merlin helicopter had fired ahead of them.

  morddwyd 13:17 22 Oct 2011

"The Merlin helicopter had fired ahead of them."


If this was`the traditional "shot across the bows" it should have been followed by the other tradition, "hanging from the yardarm"!

  Woolwell 16:02 22 Oct 2011

It was the shot across the bows but they were handed over to the Italians. Not the same at all as hanging from the yardarms.

  Aitchbee 19:11 01 Nov 2011

British Merchant Navy Ships will be liscensed to have armed security in future.Mr Cameron proposed that a couple of days ago.Nice one David, that gets my thumbs up!

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