newman35 10:35 11 Apr 2009

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It's amazing that a set of lawless 'pirates' can manage to abduct and then hold the US Captain under the nose of the US Fleet, effectively.

The amount of ransoms being paid regularly is astounding, and the talk is always that these pirates are 'businessmen' !!

How can this problem ever be resolved? Somalia is without government, the ocean is too large to police, owners don't want to carry armaments to fight - what is to be done?

  tammer 10:59 11 Apr 2009

I suspect a squad of special forces troops and a 'shoot to kill' policy would be an effective remedy.

  johndrew 11:14 11 Apr 2009

Most ships no longer have yard arms. They were a deterrent some years ago I read.

The other side to the coin is that if the miscreants do carry out their threat they no longer have a bargaining counter and may be slaughtered as they deserve. This would not be the best outcome but hopefully it should protect the hostage to some extent until a rescue plan is designed and operated. Then of course they may be slaughtered as they deserve.

Pity the lifeboat will be lost.

  wiz-king 11:17 11 Apr 2009

No yard arms, but the keelhaul is longer and deeper!

  Teaboy 11:17 11 Apr 2009

The French navy showed how to deel with pirates. The USA might as well go home!

  WhiteTruckMan 11:20 11 Apr 2009

I suppose it would be ASBO's all round. After a suitable wait for social workers reports.


  lofty29 11:30 11 Apr 2009

WTM, careful that might infringe their human rights, our government would be more likely to fly then over here by private jet and support them and their families for the rest of their lives on state handouts.
The only way to deal with these scum are to blow everyone of them away, you would unfortunatly suffer some hostage loss in the short term, but to carry on paying ransoms is just going to make the matter worse.

  newman35 11:34 11 Apr 2009

It also seems as if more pirate ships and other hostage crews are heading for the area to take the captive and his abductors to Somalia.
As the US ships cannot sink these others, (as they belong to other nations) they will have to allow them to escape and negotiate from land, later,

What a nightmare for Obama - new President of the world's most powerful nation, having his nose 'rubbed in it' by a bunch of criminals in broad daylight, as it were.

  octal 11:53 11 Apr 2009

It's about time the merchant fleet start carrying navel personal on them and have a Phalanx Gatling gun fitted, that would make them think twice about approaching a merchant vessel without good reason. I know it would cost money, but they seemed to be losing a lot of money already, so it might be a sound investment.

  octal 11:57 11 Apr 2009

This seems like a good idea click here

  newman35 12:23 11 Apr 2009

Agreed, but what I was trying to say was, do we have to put up with this kind of criminality indefinitely?

I cannot see the new US administration being too overjoyed about it, yet US public opinion will soon be demanding something be done, and I suspect Obama was not wanting to have to prove his 'hard-man' image so ealy in his term.

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