Pipe smoking.

  wolfie3000 08:27 11 Nov 2009

Iv been a smoker for many years now and always wanted to try pipe smoking,
But not sure as to which pipe to get.

Are there any good websites with good information on pipe smoking and which pipes are best?

Also which brands of tobacco are good for pipe smoking.

  J B 09:41 11 Nov 2009

Wow, I never thought that I would see a thread like this but I will try to help. First, here are some addresses for you to ponderclick here If by chance this doesn't work just go to yell.com and do a search for tobacconists. There are plenty of pipes to choose from but the ones that I like are briars. They cost more but in the long run are better and once they are broken in properly are a real joy.

As for tobacco, it is a personal choice in my opinion. I only smoke tobacco that is natural, by that I mean no artificial sweeteners or flavourings. These are considered stronger and somewhat hard to get used to but once you get used to the flavour there will not be any tongue bite or bitter flavour. Just remember that the choice of pipe tobacco is a personal one and you have to get on with it. Try several and then you will be able to settle on one. Always buy tobacco in tins or loose as these are better. The ones that I like are Dunhill 965, and Copes Escudo Navy Deluxe. The latter is one that you have to rub in the palm of your hand first as it is twist and it needs to be broken up first. Hope this helps. J.B.

  I am Spartacus 10:02 11 Nov 2009

For a first time pipe smoker Gold Block is very good with a mild cool taste.

I've been smoking Falcon pipes for many years click here

  J B 10:14 11 Nov 2009

Here is another website that you can useclick here


  john bunyan 10:30 11 Nov 2009

Look here!!
click here

  Awshum 11:22 11 Nov 2009

Good on you wolfie3000, switching the high risks from internal cancers for mouth and throat ones.

  Quickbeam 11:33 11 Nov 2009

Pipe smoking is some thing that I enjoy when someone else is smoking it!

But if I was going to buy a pipe, the image it portrays is all important. This is the image I would want click here

  wolfie3000 12:29 11 Nov 2009

Thanks guys for the links and advice, its given me alot to think about.

Im well aware of the risks of smoking thank you.

  Quickbeam 12:34 11 Nov 2009

want some good pipe weed click here ...:)

  oldbeefer2 13:32 11 Nov 2009

I smoked a pipe until 10yrs ago. I'd suggest a pack of FiltTips - small chalk shapes that fit in the bowl and reduce the chance of sludge going into your mouth. Used to change them once a day when I gave the pipe it's decoke. Gold Block a good place to start - I used to like Clan for a change (slightly aromatic).

  paddyjack 15:29 11 Nov 2009

When I used to smoke I especially enjoyed a Meerschaum pipe in the evening, it always seemed cooler than a briar.

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