Pinnacle Studio - Useless

  pj123 17:03 26 Dec 2005

Pinnacle Studio 8, sound sync out by about 2 seconds. Emailed Pinnacle, told to download patch to 8.12. Did that, better but sync still out by about 1 second. Bought 9.4, Captures fine, Edits fine, Make Movie, well that's another story. Have a 42 minute movie on my Analogue camcorder taken at an Old People's Home at their Christmas Party. Got as far as "Rendering please wait". Now up to 21 minutes into the movie but that was 3 hours ago and still no movement.

Cancel it, connect to my DVD standalone recorder (Liteon) and transfer direct to DVD in 42 minutes. No contest.

  SG Atlantis® 19:48 26 Dec 2005

I bought myself a camcorder and a lead to connect it via firewire. Tried it once and it was fiddly, gonna wait til I get some pennies on payday and by a dvd recorder.

  pj123 20:20 26 Dec 2005

SG Atlantis®, don't have any problem with a Digital Camcorder connected via Firewire. Just analogue seems to be a problem.

If I was you save up a few more pennies and buy a DVD recorder with a HDD. Mine doesn't have a hard drive so I cannot edit it. What you see is what you get, unless of course you play it through first and time it with a stop watch then when you record hit the pause button at the relevant time to cut bits out.

  pauldonovan 21:51 26 Dec 2005

Mind you, I usually take scenic holiday type videos so i'm not sure i'd notice synch probs. I'm sure it isn't a problem with the product though across the board, seems unlikely every pinnacle install has such issues - must be to do with your config.

I've found it fine and easy to use for what I do, in fact quite powerful, stick with Pinnacle support and see where you can get up to - you won't get the same results with a straight dvd link (unless you don't want edits, but then why bother with studio, there's probably an easier way to go straight to dvd via the computer).

  Chegs ®™ 07:31 27 Dec 2005

Studio is reknown for sound out of synch,freezing after x minutes,a search on google will reveal all.I use Sudio 8 and 9,sometimes v8 works fine,sometimes v9,each also is picky as to patches.Its a buggy pain in the rear,but the results when it works are good.

  johndrew 12:42 27 Dec 2005

I know exactly how you feel. I have 9.4.3 and have had nothing but problems with it. I even went through an hour or more of video frame by frame to look for problems and found virtually nothing.

I split the video into two and rendered the parts separately - fine; re-join and try again and it hangs.

The interesting thing is that I can use almost any home movie and do the same thing. After about 33 minutes worth of rendering it will hang.

I have also had messages of insufficient memory - with 2GB RAM and virtual set at 9GB+ this should not be so. I also followed Pinnacles advice to the letter to no avail. I get the feeling there is a problem in this product somewhere but I don`t have the experience to challenge Pinnacle or find it myself.

  €dstowe 13:16 27 Dec 2005

The vast number of complaint posts to the Pinnacle forum indicates to me that there is something fundamentally wrong with their software.

For me, the Studio programs would drop frames, lose sync, hang, generally mess up and take an inordinately long time to do anything (if, indeed, it managed to complete what it was supposed to be doing).

I moved to Intervideo WinDVD Creator and it was like a rebirth and proved to me that it was possible to use a computer for video work.

We've moved to Pro software now but WinDVD still gets used as it's so easy, user friendly and reliable.

  pj123 13:49 27 Dec 2005

Although I have successfully transferred this video to DVD via my standalone DVD recorder I am now trying Sonic MyDVD at the moment.

Going well so far but I haven't worked out how to edit yet. Have noticed with MyDVD when capturing there is no sound, but that, according to Sonic speeds up the process.

I also have Ulead MovieFactory 4 which I will also try.

  pj123 15:31 27 Dec 2005

Sonic MyDVD captured and burned to DVD perfect. No problems.

Now trying Ulead MovieFactory 4 but the capture picture is upside down???

  pj123 16:17 27 Dec 2005

Ulead MovieFactory 4, although the capture was upside down the playback was the right way up but there is no sound. So that is out.

Looks like 2 options now. Sonic MyDVD if I want to edit or Liteon standalone DVD recorder if no editing is required.

  VideoSentry 16:23 27 Dec 2005

Though I have got it ( Crimble Time ) I have yet to try it,but from previous threads I hear that with Serif if you return the item to them there is a money refund without any fuss.
I will ( when I have transfered some video to this machine) post a reply.
I have Premiere Pro at work which is very good BUT very Expensive.

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