Pin & Passwords

  v1asco 22:04 24 May 2007

Does it serve any useful function having to enter the pin or password in random order?

To me it seems a nuisance having to enter the 2nd,5th,1st number/letter.
If I know the password it makes no difference which order it is entered.

  interzone55 22:08 24 May 2007

This is so that any key logger fitted or installed on your PC would have trouble assembling the password.

  v1asco 11:21 25 May 2007

Thank you very much.

I shall now be more tolerant when logging on.

  Cymro. 11:28 25 May 2007

Don`t worry too much about being tolerant bugle. There are plenty on this

forum that don`t know the meaning of the word, including myself from time to time.

  Pineman100 17:49 26 May 2007

The best online security trick that I've seen is used by one of the newer online banks.

You have a pass number instead of a password, and you have a memorable date.

When you come to enter these, you don't use your keyboard numbers, you click on an on-screen number pad.

And the positions of the numbers on the on-screen number pad change randomly every day (actually it may be more often than that - I haven't checked).

Clever, eh?

  Forum Editor 18:05 26 May 2007

(not that any of us are likely to encounter one) is to enter online form data in a random fashion.

Click on your username entry box and enter a couple of characters. Then go to the password box and enter one. Back to the username and enter one. Now enter a couple in the password field. What the keylogger sees is a string of characters, with no gaps, and if there are other fields, like email address and postal address it gets even more confusing.

As I've said, few if any of us will ever be troubled by a keylogger, but what the heck, a little extra paranoia never did anyone any harm.

  Pineman100 18:15 26 May 2007


  Forum Editor 18:22 26 May 2007

And very effective.

  Bingalau 19:05 26 May 2007

FE. Many thanks for that small tip, all contributions thankfully received.

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