PIN number.....Aaaah

  QuizMan 15:13 14 Sep 2006

Am I the only one that gets irritated by the use of uneccessary words after acronyms? How many times are you asked in shops to key in your PIN (personal identification number) number. Perhaps it's because I used to work in a bank that this causes me angst. Now I'm in the IT business we have FAT (factory acceptance tests) tests or UAT tests.

Also I'm undecided about what ITN stands for. Their presenters often refer to Independent Television News. If so, why do they also refer to ITN News? Even their website is unclear. If it stands for Independent Television Network, I'll let them off.

  Shas 15:29 14 Sep 2006

I suppose we do it subconsciously - I've just migrated to a different ISP and found myself asking for my MAC *code*.

  it_girl 15:57 14 Sep 2006

IBM for I blame click here

  QuizMan 16:08 14 Sep 2006

Nice one it_girl. Although these are all proper acronyms - well, sort of.

Is there a name for this unnecessary (sorry about previous spelling) use of words? Tautology, maybe? Or battology, perhaps? Reminds me of a more astute bit of graffiti I once saw: Battology, Battology, Battology.

But I digress.

  ade.h 16:44 14 Sep 2006

No, you're not the only one. It displays a certain dimness of mind, I think. Like the misuse of abbreviations, as in "I have 512mb of RAM". 512 millibits?!

  lisa02 17:06 14 Sep 2006

One I heard recently...

"I want a bigger hdd drive"
so you want a Hard Disk Drive drive?

and "do you have your 'NiNo' number?"
Of course I have my National Insurance number number!

It's like people asking "what do you call your name?"

  Zak 19:27 14 Sep 2006



  QuizMan 20:04 14 Sep 2006

Sorry, Zak, but I'm not sure that I understand the point that you are making. Perhaps I'm being dense - wouldn't be the first time.

  Kev.Ifty 20:24 14 Sep 2006

Does that count as a 'Double'?

;-) Kev

  QuizMan 09:59 15 Sep 2006

Nice one, Kev.

I think that this thread has run its course so will mark it as resolved. Many thanks to all that contributed and, crx1600, I loved your link. I never knew that there were so many of them.

  DrScott 23:24 15 Sep 2006

TLA = three letter acronyms. Here is an example of what you might see in a patient's notes:

Mr X Px w a Hx of DNV, raised ToC, and in A&E had sBP 65 HR 120. Prior Hx of LUTS assoc with BPH. PMHx MI, CRF. Resus w IVI & then to ITU, where Rx w ABx, NA, DA and later CVVH for BE -18, pH 6.95. His progress continues.

I'll be happy to provide a translation should anyone wish.

I must admit my favourite TLA is for an intracellular enzyme which was clearly named by a bored cellular biochemist. It's called JAK and stands for Just Another Kinase.

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