A pile of old junk ?

  Dragon_Heart 21:04 29 Jul 2010

I noticed a motherboard the other day with two of the quite old ISA slots yet it supported Intel Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo & Pentium D LGA775 processors ! click here I still have a two fan cooler and a screen grabbing card in the ISA format in the loft somewere.

IDE to SATA, USB 1.1 to 2 to 3, CD to DVD to CD-RW to DVD-RW to Blue Ray, ISA to PCI to AGP to PCI express to PCI x16.

There must be one hell of a pile of obsolete equipment in the UK alone.

Are some of the older formats still good enough to use ?

  PalaeoBill 21:13 29 Jul 2010

A friends old Pentium mini tower (Win 2K, IE6), which did all he needed and he was very happy with, has blown its power supply. It needs an old style PC AT psu with the 6 pin P8 & P9 motherboard connectors. I haven't been able to find one for him. If he wants to keep the PC its going to be a leg work job around the car boot sales for him.
I have a whole PC in the loft that has the right PSU but its in my 'museum' collection and I don't want to scavenge from it. I wish I had stashed a few spares up there now, especially when I think of the stuff I have binned over the years.

  Dragon_Heart 21:46 29 Jul 2010

I collect Motherboards.

These belonged to some of my old PC’s and also dead PC’s from friends and alike.
If you give them a second glance they are like works of art, they also give yo a record of progress made.

Your friend may have more luck getting a refurbished netbook or old PC which can be had for under £100 apparently.

I know a great deal of old equipment is taken overseas but most of ours and all those friends & relatives I can ‘bully’ into donating goes to our local special needs school, charity should always begin at home !

One line of now outdated products I have just thought of are things like ZIP & JAZZ drives. ZIP drives, the disk itself not the drive, were about £7 plus each and JAZZ disks were about £60 .... you can now get a DVD-RW disk for about £1.

  PalaeoBill 21:39 01 Aug 2010

My wife still uses ZIP disks, she prefers them to usb memory sticks (I think it is just that they are more difficult for her to lose, or easier to find the the tardis like handbag). The desktops at home have internal ZIP drives and she has an external usb ZIP drive at work (I have several spare drives and a small supply of disks).

  Dragon_Heart 21:45 01 Aug 2010

... I used with my A1200. Still work to this day.

  Dragon_Heart 23:43 13 Aug 2010

Came across a Packard Bell machine running Vista 64, a SATA HD & DVD RW with 4 spare sockets but no IDE sockets to use old HD's etc. but it had a socket for a floppy drive and two spare IDE type power plugs ?

  Forum Editor 00:22 14 Aug 2010

they look and feel as if they mean business, and I used to enjoy using them. I felt I really had access to some serious data storage when I carried a ZIP disk around in my shirt pocket.

You can hold your head high in any computer-geek gathering if you lived through the Iomega click of death era.

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