laurie53 09:49 21 Oct 2007

As a country boy born and bred the one thing I miss about modern "high health" pig farming is the opportunity to lean on a gate and have a useful conversation with a pig.

I'm with Winston Churchill who said that a dog is a servile fawning creature, a cat (quite rightly!) sees itself as superior being but a pig will walk up and look you straight in the eye as an equal!

These days the poor old porkers are so delicate they have to be kept at a distance in case they catch something (or is it because we humans are so diseased?).

  Cymro. 10:35 21 Oct 2007

These days the poor old porkers are so delicate they have to be kept at a distance in case they catch something (or is it because we humans are so diseased?).

If they do catch something then I bet that we will be to blame in some way or other.

  Belatucadrus 11:53 21 Oct 2007

The down side of pig farming is where it gets intensive, there's a cut off point where the smell goes from mother nature to eye watering stench that'll strip chrome off a car. At least the free range "happy" pigs don't seem to create that toxic miasma.

  bremner 12:40 21 Oct 2007

I enjoy socialising with pigs over breakfast..............and two slices of bread and some HP sauce.

  Legolas 13:03 21 Oct 2007

I'm with you on that one. I was at Agricultural College 15 years ago and they had a working farm as part of the college, we had a tour round and of course we were invited into the pig sheds, it was eye watering and we all stumbled out choking, of course we were all city boys not used to the fragrance of the country.

  wee eddie 14:02 21 Oct 2007

She was our Breeding Sow and of indeterminate age.

In the locality there was a special Piggy Saddle and Bridle that got passed from farm to farm (possibly a small consideration was involved, I don't know anything of that)which reached us when I was about 5 and my sister 4. We rode Canasta for about 2 years until we got ponies and the Tack went to another farm with youngsters.

She seemed to go quite fast and would do small jumps in a sort of, front leg hop followed by a rear leg hop, but we thought of it as jumping. Almost Horse of the Year show stuff!

There was much sadness and tears when we eventually took her to Mr Spratt (our local Butcher and Abattoir proprietor), but I don't remember either of us going off our bacon or sausages.

  TopCat® 14:27 21 Oct 2007

It would seem that a British truffle market is gaining strength in this country and our native summer or Burgundy truffle was showing a possible bumper harves when this article was written last year. click here Not nearly so expensive per kilo as other European varieties, but nevertheless worth the trouble as the British taste slowly matures.

Certain pigs are renowned for their ability to search out these delicacies, so I'm wondering how many potential 'top sniffers' have been sent to slaughter when they could have been saved as a lucrative business asset. Top animals would command a premium sale price so there's another possible loss to a pig farmer's accounts, methinks. TC.

  Stuartli 14:43 21 Oct 2007

I've always found that pigs are very much cleaner animals than many give them credit.

They are also quite intelligent and can learn the odd trick.

  Brumas 15:42 21 Oct 2007

I read somewhere that the most cost effective way of clearing an area of waste scrubland was to fence it off and turn loose a herd of pigs. Not only do they up-root everything in their eternal quest for food, they eat all the soft vegetation and fertilise the ground as a bonus!

I also read that they were not too particular in what they eat and, tales of murder, dismembered bodies being tossed into pig-sties to be disposed of, actually happened - ughh!!

  Belatucadrus 15:58 21 Oct 2007

Pigs aren't used for truffle hunting any more, largely as they eat them and at several hundred quid/euro a shot it's an expensive way of feeding porky. Dogs have taken over.

  laurie53 19:44 21 Oct 2007

Familiar with the song in my youth but had forgotten the words.

Many thanks!

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