In pictures: Rail station upgrades

  peter99co 14:16 12 Nov 2009

Money to burn? Why don't they just run trains and forget all this dressing up. What a pile of rubbish.

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Network rail are asking what we want from stations? I can tell them, TRAINS that we can afford and ditch the car when we want to.

  Woolwell 14:39 12 Nov 2009

Network Rail doesn't run the trains just the infrastructure for the trains (stations and tracks, etc).
The operative word in the report is "could".

  peter99co 14:49 12 Nov 2009

The question is still the same. Money to burn? Who's money is it anyway?

  Forum Editor 17:23 12 Nov 2009

Network Rail is a private company operating as a commercial business. It's what's called a 'Not for Dividend' company - all its profits are plougfhed back into improving the rail network.

So,the money for station upgrades comes from operating profits, and not - as you probably thought - from the public purse. This isn't a case of money to burn, it's a move to make stations more pleasant places to be for the millions of people who use them.

  peter99co 17:59 12 Nov 2009

I do get the impression that Network Rail charge the train conpanies and if so they are possibly adding to our train fares by overcharging in lots of cases. It was our money (the travelling public) it is just they are now spending it on such monstrosities such as the station building in the link I posted.

  peter99co 18:00 12 Nov 2009

Is someone going to tell me that train fares are likely to be ignored if the stations look pretty.

  interzone55 20:52 12 Nov 2009

Would you call the magnificent stations built in the Victorian era "monstrosities"?

Where do you think the money came from to build those?

  peter99co 21:05 12 Nov 2009

Would you call the magnificent stations built in the Victorian era "monstrosities"?

No and An artist immpression is not the problem.

It is the cost of some of these projects.

  Forum Editor 22:06 12 Nov 2009

They're big projects, and the benefits will last a long time. The world can't stand still.

  wolfie3000 07:40 13 Nov 2009

Iv always been a fan of abstract architecture and this new station looks awesome.

No one wants to live in a world of grey boxes, so i say more of this please.

  peter99co 17:50 13 Nov 2009

The whole railway system is in a mess and another example of the chaotic fragmentation is here.

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This is my real point. Bags of money in one area and not enough in another and how we the public are expected to get a decent railway system out of it all is beyond me.

I don't agree with Nationlisation but this may be the only way soon.

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