Phone prefix

  def90csw 20:01 10 Oct 2006

Anyone know where 01634 is the prefix for? Keep getting called by someome starting with the above numbers.

  def90csw 20:04 10 Oct 2006

Just found what i was looking for on the BT site.

  pj123 18:55 11 Oct 2006

The site I use for finding telephone codes is this one:

click here

  hijo 19:17 11 Oct 2006

hiya i started to get calls to my landline a few months ago from a bizzare number & @ first i ignored them BUT they started to call @ silly hours like 23:00 & all other times,so i approached my local telephone company & asked em what it was & they explaind that companies buy infomation from other compaines ect to advertise & approach you..i wasnt amused to find out that there is companies that have systems with hundreds of english telephone numbers & the system calls 99 of them at EXACTLY the same time & the first one to pick up is then approached...this is bad,also there is another way where these SCAM companies call your house then hangup almost straight away making you wana call them back but @ a mega high rate..!! this stuff should be stopped.

  BT 08:12 12 Oct 2006

I have an NTL phone and in the NTL manual it gives the following Info to stop calls from people who are deliberately barring there numbers.

To set Dial *227#
To unset Dial #227#
To check if in operation *#227#

I'm not sure if this also works on BT lines

  def90csw 08:23 12 Oct 2006

Thanks, the info has been very helpful.
And "hijo" thanks for "SCAM companies call your house then hangup almost straight away making you wana call them back but @ a mega high rate..!!"

  johndrew 11:16 12 Oct 2006

The easy way to minimise high cost calls on BT is to have all Premium Rate numbers barred. Simply ring BT (free) and request that such numbers be barred from being called from your number. It takes a couple of days to set up but then protects you from all sorts of other problems with these numbers (especially if on dialup internet). Warning - if you want this reversed it does cost!!

If you do need to ring a Premium Rate number you can use a pre-payment mobile which will limit your exposure and (hopefully) reduce risk.

Works for me.

  hastelloy 13:59 12 Oct 2006

I have a BT line but only ever pay BT £11 a month for line rental (no calls). I have carrier pre select with Primus which costs nothing and gives me free local and national cals from 6 pm to 8 am. During the day I use 18185 or 1899. Local and national calls cost 3p connection then 0p per minute. Calls to USA cost 3p connection then 0.5p per minute. Mobile numbers can also be routed through different suppliers at different times/days.

Calls are routed by a box I bought from Orchid Electronics (about £20). I use a form on my PC to upload my preferences to Orchid's server and then dial a code into my phone which then downloads to the box from the Orchid server.

I reckon this has saved me a fortune over the last few years - even 0845 and 0870 are cheaper and premium rate numbers are barred.

  patsyanne 14:26 12 Oct 2006

And is BT charging 5p just if you dial a number now ? i called my mobile just to see where i left it, and i was charged 5p by BT even though i never picked the call up !

  jolorna 07:35 13 Oct 2006

when did they start doing that? because up to now i haven't been charged for it

  jolorna 10:19 13 Oct 2006

i have just rung bt and they do not charge for unanswered calls

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