Phone-Phishing - a New thing maybe?

  jack 16:34 09 Oct 2009

Telephone call-not the one I was expecting [a Gas engineer]but an 'American' voice calling all Visa MasterCard -etc., users about increasing interest rates it went on- 'Speak to a LIVE' agent now!
At this point I hung up- what would it all lead to I wondered - if I had allowed it to continue.

  Quickbeam 16:35 09 Oct 2009


  jack 16:43 09 Oct 2009

Not for me QB- I don't pay interest on any card.
I spend it I pays all on the due day- Simplez

  BT 16:45 09 Oct 2009

So do I

  morddwyd 20:17 09 Oct 2009

Not a new thing, there have been a couple of threads and some broadcast warnings about it.

  Stuartli 15:39 10 Oct 2009

I had one the other night purporting to be from the Halifax (one of my banks) - easy to spot the genuine from the rubbish, especially as the woman claimed it was Halifax On-Line Banking...:-)

  Stuartli 15:40 10 Oct 2009

I just put the phone down.

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