Phone Calls

  laurie53 18:42 02 Nov 2008

Just as an idle thought, how many (private) phone calls do you make/receive in an average quarter?

My last landline bill showed two calls, one each to doctor and dentist to arrange appointments, and my mobile was last used six weeks ago to order a pizza for collection. We phoned my son on his birthday a month ago, and the last time we spoke before that was his mother's birthday, two months earlier.

We have a fairly normal social life, out 3/4 times a week, so we're not recluses, just low users.

Now I'm not silly about this, I know we're unusual, but I was just wondering how unusual?

  dagnammit 18:45 02 Nov 2008

37 calls in a month.

  dagnammit 18:47 02 Nov 2008


17 hours and 437 text messages since 14/09/08.

  interzone55 19:53 02 Nov 2008

I spend all day at on the phone (two weeks ago my call tally for the week was 41 hours 37 minutes - not bad considering I only get paid for 37.5 hours a week), so I tend to avoid the phone at home...

  newman35 20:31 02 Nov 2008

Depends where we are, when home about 125 private outgoing calls a quarter( mainly my wife keeping in touch with family members).

  octal 20:41 02 Nov 2008

7, like you laurie53 the phone companies are not going to get rich on us are they?

  mammak 20:53 02 Nov 2008

My land line, about 10 per quarter School, Dentist and Doctors usually,
as for my Mobile on average a hundred minutes a month and 50+ texts, but I subscribe to vodafone family on my mobile as an extra, so my children can all keep in touch with each other, and in touch with me when they want something :-).

  beeuuem 21:14 02 Nov 2008

I made somwe 300 calls via 18185 and paid some £25.00. As I object to the levy for not paying by DD, but need a BT line, I am happy that for this quarter, ending yesterday, my call charges to BT amounted to 22p.

  mrwoowoo 01:39 03 Nov 2008

I make very few calls each quarter.
Now my wife on the other hand(O:!

  BT 08:08 03 Nov 2008

We are like you, we make very few chargeable calls. We have free local evening and weekend calls and the majority of the calls made during the day tend to be to 0800 or 0845 numbers. The main chargeable calls are to the Docs to get the 'Bosses' INR results.

As to the mobile I think its about a year since I last topped it up with £10 and its still got most of it left. Its only switched on when I NEED to use it and not for anyone elses convenience.

It puzzles me how and why people feel the need to spend hours on the phone every day. I chat to my sister about once a month for about an hour to catch up and that's about it.

  Cymro. 16:16 03 Nov 2008

"We have a fairly normal social life"

Unlike yourself we are hardly out in the evenings these days but still manage a quarterly phone bill of usually just over a £100, but spend very little on our mobiles, about a £4 a month each on PAYG.

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