SG Atlantis® 11:50 17 Jul 2006

What are you a fraid of, anything?

Absolutely hate bugs, a woman on the telly has 120 big hairy Tarrantulas in her living room. That's my idea of hell on earth. aaahhh!

  Radix Lecti 12:02 17 Jul 2006

I fear the Lord God.

  ezypcy 12:18 17 Jul 2006

Fear does'nt always mean a phobia.
Many fears but no phobias.

  ade.h 13:34 17 Jul 2006

There's something about a creature with more legs than is really necessary, isn't there!

If I'm in a sleeping bag, I absolutely cannot zip it up! No idea why - I don't suffer from claustrophobia particularly.

  freaky 13:42 17 Jul 2006

Detest earwigs !

When I was in the RAF on an exercise, we were living in tents. One night we were woken up by somebody screaming. Poor chap had one in his ear!

We had to take him to hospital - they got it out by pouring olive oil into his ear.

  DrHoliday 13:46 17 Jul 2006

Global Thremal Nuclear War!

  Sethhaniel 13:58 17 Jul 2006


WGA !!!

nop can't think of any ;)

  PurplePenny 14:58 17 Jul 2006

I have lots of phobias. Where do you want me to start?

Acrophobia (heights)
Agoraphobia (specifically new places, also going into buildings, pubs, shops alone)
Aichmophobia (needles)
Arachnophobia (spiders)
Claustrophobia (enclosed spaces)
Phonophobia (telephones... but for some reason I'm OK with mobile phones)
Taphophobia (being buried alive)

but definitely *not* Porphyrophobia :-)

I try very hard not to let my phobias get the better of me. For instance Kev and I went, with a big group of friends, on the London Eye. I reasoned that if I could once get on board (and I knew that I would have to because I would have a big gang around me), once I was in there I could do nothing about it.

I loved it!!

I'm now much better than I used to be: I can go in glass sided lifts and walk up glass sided stairs (I even did that on my own the other day... I was so proud of myself); I even looked over a second floor balcony once I reached the top of the stairs. I could *never* have done any of those things before going on the London Eye.

I now tell anyone who suffers from either fear of heights or enclosed spaces to go on the London Eye.

  Sethhaniel 15:15 17 Jul 2006

not afraid of the Purple People eater then...

I suffer from two phobias: (1) Phobia-phobia -- the fear you're unable to get scared, and (2) Xylophataquieopiaphobia -- the fear of not pronouncing words correctly."

  SG Atlantis® 16:07 17 Jul 2006


  Mr Mistoffelees 16:14 17 Jul 2006

Arachnophobia and claustrophobia are mine.

I certainly don't want to caught in a small space with spiders!

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