Phishing e-mails

  Jackcoms 10:51 10 Dec 2005

I seem to be getting more than my fair share of phishing e-mails at the moment which supposedly are from NatWest (who I do bank with), Halifax (who I also bank with) as well as Barclays and Lloyds (I don't bank with either of them).

There is a useful anti-phishing site which I've discovered click here

You can submit phishing e-mails to the site by dragging and dropping the mail into a new e-mail message and sending it to [email protected]

This will help them build a database of scams to help in the fight against this sort of rubbish.

Good stuff!!

  GaT7 15:34 10 Dec 2005

Thanks Jackcoms. I've been having them as well - about 5 a day. I only bank with one of the banks you mention but receiving emails from all. In the future I shall be submitting them to the email address/site you provided.

In the past I've submitted some of them to my bank but don't get a reply. I sometimes get eBay phishing emails too, & when I report them to eBay they always send a reply a few days later confirming that they are fake. G

  octal 16:37 10 Dec 2005

I tend to just delete them, if we all kept reporting them the Internet would grind to a halt with the shear volume of unnecessary traffic, because I'm sure these organisations are perfectly well aware that these emails are on the loose.

  GaT7 17:52 10 Dec 2005

Does reporting them stop the phishers, or at least lessen the number of phishing emails? Or, if they're stopped, do they just spring up elsewhere & continue in the same vein?

I delete the majority of them, but if the answer to the above is 'yes' I'll be forwarding most of them to the antiphishing site from henceforth. G

  octal 20:00 10 Dec 2005

It's only a personal opinion, I have had 30 of these things this week, on the basis of that if everyone is getting the same amount, or more, you can imagine the amount of additional unwanted Internet traffic that generates if each one was reported. I just don't want to add to the already unwanted traffic so I'll just continue to ignore and delete them.

A personal opinion again, I think better education on phishing emails is required, this is were mags like PCA and all the others, including the daily rags, by giving more information about these emails, I haven't seen all that much at all particularly in the national papers. Hopefully people will start to get the message and eventually people will start to ignore them then the instigators will get the message that their little games are not working, unfortunately this takes time. I think the banking organisations should take a bit of responsibility and stump up a fraction of their profits in running some full page spreads on the dangers of these type of scams, maybe on TV and radio as well, I've seen absolutely nothing at all on that media about it.

Apologies Jackcoms, its your thread, sorry I should have started a new one.

  g0slp 01:53 11 Dec 2005

Hi mate. Trust you're well.

I agree with your thoughts in your last post, particularly the second paragraph.


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