Phantom words

  jack 12:06 26 May 2008

Does it happen to you?
In another thread
click here
the miss use of words was highlighted.
What about phantom words?

I can find that whilst hammering away on the keyboard[2 hands 4 or 5 fingers sometimes] when I come up for air and read 'wot I rote' strange words can make appearances -
Sometimes not even part of the thought train ,
Do my fingers have a mind of their own?
Do they remember a previous text or even creepier typing something I don't know about yet?
How about you all do you get keyboard phantoms?

  belfman 12:11 26 May 2008


  octal 12:19 26 May 2008

Ah! There you are, if you are doing the job properly you should be watching the screen as you type. But I must say that I still get words added, something to do with not seeing the wood for the trees, or not seeing your own mistakes.

  Forum Editor 12:56 26 May 2008

people edit what they say before posting - clicking to insert a word here, or delete a phrase there.

That can lead to orphan words - they're isolated contextually, and all alone in the cold. That's possibly the explanation for your 'phantoms'. Your fingers are definitely implicated, but only in their role as the slaves of your brain, which is the real culprit.

  Coffee Adict 13:59 26 May 2008

I find words out of context and this I think is because as I type I am also thinking ahead to the next sentence (I'm a woman I can do this - ducks to avoid flack) and brain an fingers don't co-ordinate themselves as they should.

  crosstrainer 14:03 26 May 2008

This can also happen when servers / ISP's are running slowly. A "lag" between keystrokes can occur, turning your polished prose into utter gibberish!

  Quickbeam 14:04 26 May 2008

"if you are doing the job properly you should be watching the screen as you type"

As a matter of interest, how many of us can touch type? I'm a definite twp finger typer and have to look athe keys as i press them, and then look up to see what needs crrecting.

I've left the last paragraph uncorrected, as that is waht I often get!

  crosstrainer 14:13 26 May 2008

The old way of teaching touch typing, was to have a keyboard devoid of any characters on the keys.

On the wall, was a large poster of a keyboard with the characters displayed. This was highly effective, forcing you to look at the wall, and not the keyboard.

  jack 14:19 26 May 2008

Oh my one is like that ;-}
Well nearly. about time treated my self to another.

I oft thoughj is was because the lead hand [right or left] took charge.
As I am a south paw - I blamed it on to typing hte[the] or form[from] etc.,

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