Phantom Helicopter

  morddwyd 08:18 16 Aug 2010

A soldier has died after a helicopter hit his lookout post.

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I make no comment on yet another tragedy for a family, or on the circumstances of the death, but on the statement that

"The MoD said it was investigating his death and could not comment on who the helicopter belonged to."

Why? don't they know where their, or their allies', helicopters were at the time?

Do they have so many at their disposal that they can't keep track of them all?

Have they not heard of radar, or IFF?

Obviously the matter may be sub judice and therefore comment must be restricted, but surely the identity of the helicopter cannot be critical to any proceedings, or to operational security, or is this just the military being close mouthed on principle, as usual?

  jack 08:53 16 Aug 2010

Report a little too much at times-
After all ever more so than WW2 pleas for sipped lips the Taliban and Al Queda are looking and listening too.

  dagbladet 12:19 16 Aug 2010

"Is it possible that some have been deployed without being full handed over which could make this a problem for the makers?"

No, 5 of those aircraft can be seen flying perfectly safely each day over the Hampshire countryside. The other 3 are in the process of conversion. No state secret, no conspiracy, no "problem for the makers".

  Woolwell 13:30 16 Aug 2010

There is a picture of the Chinook on the internet. You can find it. I wont post a link as the comments contain strong language. I am not sure it is British.

The MOD report click here states that they were attached to the Danish battle group. I suspect that there are sensitivities over other nations which is why they could not comment on who the helo belonged to.

  sunnystaines 13:55 16 Aug 2010

i read one news report at the time it was a chinook, only the british have them out there i think

  Woolwell 15:50 16 Aug 2010

Don't forget the US and Canada.

  egapup 19:00 16 Aug 2010

Which country's pilots usually score an home goal?

  ridicle 01:31 17 Aug 2010

Forum memeber and egapup what goes around comes around if you got a brain and common sense.

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