petrol rise

  sunnystaines 19:21 25 Jan 2011

in this area a lot of our locals are refusing to use BP & ESSO garages hoping if trade drops down they will be forced to lower prices and once they do that others will follow.

is this going on in your area too?

  peter99co 19:28 25 Jan 2011

Total waste of time. I suppose it gives them something to do.

No sign of any protest here.

  AL47 20:04 25 Jan 2011

bp are always too expensive . atm wehave 127.9p at shell,

  sunnystaines 20:07 25 Jan 2011

i always use the supermarket but surprised people use garages, though shell as mentioned are of cheap too

  Marko797 20:19 25 Jan 2011

just been reading something (possibly a scaremongering 'guestimation' by some media sensationalist) referring to the possibility of £8/gallon, which equates to roughly £1.76/litre. So, c.£0.50/litre more to go on current prices around this way.

  OTT_B 20:43 25 Jan 2011

There have been some interesting shifts in crude oil prices over the last couple of days. Opec (or at least Saudi) announced that they would increase production, which caused the price of oil to drop a couple of dollars in the right direction. Then the latest UK GDP figures were announced this morning, causing the pound to slip against the dollar, making oil (effectively) a couple of dollars more expensive!

I reckon petrol prices will probably stabilise around the point they are at now for the next few weeks, possibly dropping by a couple of pence, before continuing their upward march.

That'll continue until Chinas 'new' government come in next year at which point anything could happen.

  userious? 20:51 25 Jan 2011

The whole country should have a days fuel strike and not buy any for a day.

  OTT_B 21:02 25 Jan 2011

It's been tried before....and doesn't work as a form of protest!

Most people simply don't take part - either intentionally because they're not prepared to put themselves out, or they take part, but refuel a day early.

In either case, the overall impact on sales is....nothing!

  interzone55 22:18 25 Jan 2011

There's millions of fleet drivers in the country, they have fuel cards and just use the nearest garage.

BP & Shell rely on this trade.

I use Asda where it's 129.9p per litre for diesel, drive past a Texeco & Shell on the way there, both are 131.9p. 1/2 mile down the road is a BP at 135.9p, then across the junction is a Tesco at 130.9p...

  CurlyWhirly 22:18 26 Jan 2011

"Opec (or at least Saudi) announced that they would increase production, which caused the price of oil to drop a couple of dollars in the right direction."
As you probably know, it's not the oil price that's as much of a problem as the fuel duty and VAT !

There's another 5p a litre going on in April with yet another fuel duty rise.

  mole44 05:03 27 Jan 2011

i think you`ll find the whole idea of boycotting certain fuel suppliers is that once they feel the loss of trade,they winge to the powers that be who in turn take action on the price. it happened before with Shell (I think) in Germany about the disposal of a drilling platform, this cause said company to change it`s mind about the disposal of the platform. The end result a boycott will hopefully give the consumermore "say" and you`ll still get your fuel.

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