Petrol prices around the world

  jimv7 11:21 19 Jun 2007

Top of the list, rip off Britain.....

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  Cymro. 11:29 19 Jun 2007

Yes I know, but would you want to live in some of those other countries?

  Totally-braindead 11:40 19 Jun 2007

Good point Cymro theres definatly a few places there that you couldn't pay me to live in. Plus theres also the question of what the average wages are. You may well find in a lot of the places that sell petrol much lower have very low wages and subsequently you would be worse off.

  spuds 11:45 19 Jun 2007

But then again, when you run a large 4x4 gas guzzler in the good olde USA, fuel prices and running costs can make a vast difference ;o)

  Sethhaniel 11:50 19 Jun 2007

Just got back from Turkey and there petrol is well above ours in price

  johndrew 12:04 19 Jun 2007

Interesting that our local Sainsbury is charging exactly the same for petrol and diesel.

At one point diesel was quite a bit more expensive because of the military demand for it. Now it makes running a diesel quite a bit cheaper than petrol. Next step is to find a way of stopping the need to run the engine off-load to the limiter for the MOT!!!!

  sunny staines 15:47 19 Jun 2007

i find i get poor mpg from sainsbury petrol than i do from garages and other supermarkets. no idea why as i presume they come from the same wholesale source.

  Bingalau 16:19 19 Jun 2007

I find petrol prices can be as much as 3 pence per litre cheaper at different garages within a few miles of each other. That adds up to quite a sum if you are filling up. It still costs me £50 to fill up and I often remember that my first car didn't cost me that to buy.

  wiz-king 16:24 19 Jun 2007

The only way to compare between countries is to work out the number of minutes it takes to earn the money to buy one litre. That takes into account average wages as well as the local cost.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:13 19 Jun 2007

You dont complain about expensive fills untill you see a fuel pump roll past £500 pounds for the first time! :)


(BTW, my first car cost me £25)

  Bingalau 20:20 19 Jun 2007

WTM. I know.. I feel awful sorry for you truckers having to contend with ever increasing prices. I used to drive over to places like Germany and fill up there because it was cheaper. Now they all seem much of a muchness price-wise.

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