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  Total Care Support 17:53 12 Jul 2005

First off I am back from holiday and the weather does not appear to be any different from where I have just come from!

Now whether I am just hot and bothered in the office at the moment I will let you all decide....

But this pet peeve is becoming more and more common for me...

That is people who are employed as specialist who know nothing or little and bring the IT industry down as a whole.

The reason for this post is a personnel vent (so I fully respect and understand if it is seen to be needed for removal)

I have a letter in front of me from a person who will remain nameless but it is an example of letters I am getting that are becoming more and more common which is worrying.

This letter is from a contractor who has been hired by a company to carry out their IT services (having spoken to the director of this company I know they pay this gentleman £250 per day for his time)

He advises me in his letter that he has had Fujitsu-Siemans computers in this company for the last 30 years, now I know that Fujitsu has just celebrated 70 years but Fujitsu-Siemans was only formed in 1999 he then goes on to insist on a refund as the computer has started turning itself on each time the telephone rings.

Now I have no problems with complaints of this nature when they are given by a customer or someone with little IT experience issues like this can be disconcerting. But a supposed professional who charges a lot of money not knowing about Ring Lan Resume (Wake up on Lan)I found to be very worrying. Thinking that it might just be me being up myself and knowing that I don’t know every thing to know about computers (not enough minutes in the day to learn it all)

I did a simple online search the type I do if I come across errors I have never seen before but I basic-ed it down click here in the search bar [computer turn on when phone rings] 116,700 hits the first 20 I looked at all correctly told me what I needed to know click here same phrase copied and pasted 4,860,00 hits first few told me what I needed to know.

Now I know and under stand that Joe Bloggs the average guy in the street is not going to know a lot of this and it is useful to have some one to turn to its a learning curve but someone hired by a company of 300 staff to admin their network this just worries me. As Ring Lan is a network option the fact he gets £250 a day call out fee also worries me but for other reasons.

And its not just that a very well known University the deputy head of their IT department (I asked this guy writes the Uni's syllabus, I checked, and my kids are not going there now!) got the W.32 blaster virus and would not accept it was not a hardware issue he insisted that it was a hard drive failure and told me that he would not talk to us because "I have been in computers for 20 years and will forget more in a day than you ever learned"

I know the MCP's and MCSE and MOUS are useful as are CNA HP qualifications and Unix skills to employers but the computer industry covers so many different fields and is confusing to so many different people that some one puts letters after their name and employers seem to take as read, my other half works for a charity and has a IT contractor who comes in jiggers about and chats and the problem is fixed for about 30 minutes then four days later he’s back to fix the same thing. He gets to bill by the hour he’s making a killing.

In the month of May he has reinstalled their all in one Epson 26 times. On The 3rd of June the departmental manager sneaked me in 20 minutes later I had ripped out the incorrect drivers he had installed (installed over 20 times I might mention) and installed the correct ones they have not needed to call him again for that issue and he has seemed surprised by the fact that they have not called him back.

Anyway rant over I just wish people would admit when they are stumped as in "this happens I think it could be this but I am not sure" not "I have been in computers for 30 years therefore I know more than you!" There are so many avenues in computers that no one person can know all there is know. And computers evolve so fast that it is hard to keep up with them, I have had some great convos with people with MCSE etc but I have also had some awful ones where they just wave the MCSE in your face with I have this therefore I know more than you...

Not bad for first post back after holiday

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the change in the normal British Weather.


  Total Care Support 17:57 12 Jul 2005

btw that was not a did at people with MSCE's its hard work to get one and when I had mine i studied like you would not believe then microsoft removed 4 of my electives and i have not bothered to re take any more.

It was a vent at the people who are pompus and money hunger (although I like money as much as the next guy)

have a nice night

  Happy Soul 18:44 12 Jul 2005

Did you have a nice holiday though Total Care Support?

You get the same 'experts' in garages, know it all but know..............

  Happy Soul 18:44 12 Jul 2005

Did you have a nice holiday though Total Care Support?

You get the same 'experts' in garages, know it all but know..............

  Kev.Ifty 23:39 12 Jul 2005

Admitting your wrong.... mmm now theres a thought! The company i work for, whilst not being directly related to computers, has a Support technician who thinks he invented the PC. He will never admit to not knowing the answer to a problem, even though he has been proven wrong many times. As a result he has become regarded as a twit! (or something along those lines)

Today i found myself in need of telephone support and had to speak to an 'outside' support engineer. What a contrast! Helpful, Friendly and knew his stuff.

It is a personality thing sometimes, but! "In the kingdom of the blind..."


  Danoh 23:50 12 Jul 2005

"Total Care Support", thats a big ol rant, alright! :-) Hope you're feeeling better now!

I get the feeling you would like to be out there charging £250 per day and doing a better job? :-)

  Total Care Support 11:50 13 Jul 2005

I had a great holiday thanks for asking discovered I am alergic to henna tattoos but the food was good the sun was up at 3 30 am and it was 98F to 102F in the shade by 9am each day only got caught in one sand storm which all though big and strange was also quite good fun.

I know admitting you are wrong in any professional body no matter the industry is hard but you dont have to admit that you could just say I have tried every thing we have thought of and I am stumped.

The rant was brought to you by the letters A for anger F for frustration and powered by having to wear a suit and tie in weather like this.


  Curio 17:48 13 Jul 2005

Every trade has one of these Mr Perfects. Not just the IT world.

  Kate B 18:50 13 Jul 2005

ooh, the IT department where I used to work drove me bananas. They were often rude and patronising (one informed me in a bored voice once that he started with the assumption that all users were stupid) and didn't listen to what anyone was telling them about their malfunctioning machines.

A problem with accessing corporate email via webmail and a VPN cropped up: even though you knew there was a mail in the inbox it wouldn't show up in webmail for some hours.

I went round and round with the IT dept (fondly known as the "ess-aitch IT department") as they asked irrelevant questions about which browser I was using, didn't listen to the fact that the problem cropped up in both Safari on my Mac and IE on my Windows box and then told me they didn't support Windows XP (never mind Mac OSx) and that the problem was clearly mine.

I went over their heads and chatted to the department boss who at least respected the fact that I had an inkling of what I was talking about with 'puters. I said I thought that given the problem cropped up regardless of OS, browser etc, it might be a problem with the way the server was handling HTML emails.

oooh, no, can't be that, he said. And banged on about not supporting XP (he got treated to another patient rant about the fact that very few home users have Windows 20000).

Guess what - several weeks later when I'd logged about a dozen calls the IT chief came back to me in a rather shamefaced fashion and said er, yes, it was something to do with the way the server handled HTML. *bangs head on desk*

  Aspman 11:22 15 Jul 2005

Heh, I'm glad I don't work in support anymore.

I got a call once with an irate teacher screaching down the phone that her printer wasn't working and that it wasn't acceptable...blah blah... fix it right now....

So I scurried across campus got in the room, got another earful before I was happily able to point out in my extra patronising voice that it was out of paper.

Dealing with idiots is as much of a skill as fixing the computers.

It's not called the 'hell-desk' for nothing.

  Forum Editor 13:23 15 Jul 2005

I lost count of the number of clients who rang me to say that this or that piece of hardware wasn't working - only to discover that they hadn't switched it on, or that it had become disconnected from the PC. We have quite a few client companies who can't justify maintaining their own IT department, so they pay us to do the work. Lots of the calls are about very minor problems - printers feature regularly - and some of them are very strange.

We had one person who used to disconnect all the leads from the back of his machine at the end of each day "in case it started up on its own during the night and got viruses off the network". Eventually the USB connectors became so worn that they no longer worked properly.

Then there was the person (a director of a fairly big business) who wanted to know how to connect the office computer to a radio, so she could use the voice recognition software to win the mystery voice competition.

All users are not stupid, but some of them are, and they can drive you to drink.

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