Pet or animal insurance.

  spuds 12:55 05 Mar 2009

Possibly in the wrong forum, but lets hear your comments, suggestions or views.

Having a sick pet or animal can get very expensive, especially with veterinary care and bills. Some people choose to ignore this fact until the time it might become a necessity. Even buying pet or animal insurance can have its pitfalls due mainly to the small print, and not fully understanding the true terms and conditions of obtaining correct or sufficient insurance cover.

Have you any experiences to tell, that might help perhaps!.

  wiz-king 13:14 05 Mar 2009

I have insurance on my horses because of the third party cover as much as anything else. OK I have not had to claim for any vets bills in the past 20 years but I have had a couple of claims for cars that got damaged, it was worth it just to let the insurance company have the hassle. I don't think they had to pay out for either of the damaged cars anyway because the drivers were at fault.
I don't insure any of the stable dogs/cats and have paid out about £600 in vets bills over the last 20 years on 6 dogs and 3 cats - so I think I am winning there.

  Quickbeam 13:28 05 Mar 2009

Beware of cheaper policies that exclude repeat occurrences of any condition. Pay a little more for one that will cover repeat conditions.

This is very important as once you have a condition that has to be declared, you will never get cost effective cover for that condition.

I've been with NFU insurance since I got my last puppy, but you must make your own choice and decision.

  HondaMan 13:38 05 Mar 2009

We use PetPlan. No complaints here

  Quickbeam 13:48 05 Mar 2009

A quick look at a comparison site shows that the cheaper policies have limits per condition, check if this is per year or per lifetime click here

The 'Healthy Pets' one looks to be per lifetime, the 'Pet Plan' one looks much better, but has a maximum age of 10 years. It also mentions a 'cover for life' option, but this will cost.

Like I said, you pays your money, and you takes your choice.

  Cymro. 14:08 05 Mar 2009

My son has his dog insured with Tesco. Everything worked out alright until they found out the dog has an arthritic hip. The insurance company now consider this to be a chronic problem so stopped paying out for that particular condition after the first years insurance.

As they say "always read the small-print"

  interzone55 14:08 05 Mar 2009

We use Tesco Pet insurance.

We've had to claim twice, for two different cats, both involved v.expensive treatment.

I should point out that it's not just illness that is covered.

Our kitten was kicked by some idiot, he had to have a 3 day stay at an emergency vets, loads of tests and medication, and eventually had to have his tail removed. This little lot cost over £800 in total. Tesco picked up the tab, less £50 excess, the vet bill Tesco direct, so all we had to pay was the excess.

Our other claim was for some cancer treatment for a different cat, and for having it put down. This cost well over £1800 in total. Tesco paid for this, and even gave us £50 for "destruction expenses" to have the cat cremated....

  Chegs ®™ 14:09 05 Mar 2009

We have our dog insured with PetPlan.She is in generally good health with only having had 2 visits to the Vet in 5yrs.They are lousy insurers though,we were told by our Vet of 20+ years to find another Vet as they hadnt been paid.Each time the letter arrived from the Vet,we contacted the insurer and I was annoyed to be told by my Vet that the outstanding bill still hadnt been paid after nearly 12mths.

  spuds 16:24 05 Mar 2009

It shows you how times change. In the days of the new mini motorcar, my friend pride and joy was written by the local Co-op horse drawn milk float. The horse misjudged the distance between the car and the float. The Co-op refused to pay out, because in them days the horse was not help responsible.But it did cost the milkman a black eye ;o)

But talking in modern day terms, my friends own horses, and two of them plus the horses were injured by an idiot in a fast moving car. The veterinary bill was extremely high, as was the insurance pay-out for the riders.

The other thing that I tend to find, is the same insurance company who sells their product through supermarkets etc, seem to have very different terms and conditions attached to the policies depending from who buy through, even though its for the same animal quotation.

  Woolwell 17:56 05 Mar 2009

I have had the complete opposite of Chegs ®™'s experience with PetPlan and they have been helpful.

With pet insurance you do have to be careful about exclusions for chronic problems and as the pet gets older. Our old dog has arthritis and the excess this year has increased a lot but his is due to a combination of age and constant treatment.

  wiz-king 18:18 05 Mar 2009

In one of my 'accidents' a woman in a hurry thought she would take a short cut along a local bridle-path and hit my horse as she tried to overtake us, he did not approve of this and kicked the front of the car wreaking the front grill, radiator and bent the chassis. The car was written off, her insurance company would not pay out and neither would mine!

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