Pet Hates ?

  spuds 10:50 01 Sep 2010

Perhaps we have had this subject before, and if so, I apologies.

What are your Pet Hates?

Heres's a few from me.

People with a "Me first" attitude.

Laws that don't work in a victim's favour.

eBayers or people and companies who don't honour their contract.

Poor customer service and even smaller confusing print.

Yobbishness and all that applies. Abso's?

Open all hours drinking and eating establishments, and all the problems that brings.

Many more to add, but a start perhaps. Care to add your's to the list?.

  Mike D 10:56 01 Sep 2010

Driver who push out into a main road when there is no gap for them to join the traffic flow and thus cause free-flowing traffic to stop - just for them.
People who arrive at the head of the supermarket queue unready to pay.
Two space parkers.
4x4 and van drivers who love to park so close to you that your door has to be scratched.

  john bunyan 11:02 01 Sep 2010

Mobile phone users on trains.
Drunks at A&E Depts.
Shell suits
Talking or moving during 2 minutes silence
Blaming troops for being in war zones
Driving too close in following vehicle
People who allow kids to run riot or do not know what they are up to
Grumpy old people (like me!!)

  Noldi 11:08 01 Sep 2010

People who throw fag buts out of car windows.



  Quickbeam 11:09 01 Sep 2010

Don't the Swiss have the death penalty for that Noldi...?

  MAJ 11:19 01 Sep 2010

Very little annoys me.......... except...

Bigots, hairy soap, people on TV that can't pwonounce their 'R's and documentary narration that insists on using Kilometres and Kilometres per hour when putting across distance and speed.

  babybell 11:41 01 Sep 2010

People who conduct their weekly banking review at the cash machine.

Card In > Pin Entered > Balance Check > Print Balance > Read Ingoing/Outgoings on print out > Another Service > Cash out > Another amount > £30 > Yes I would like a receipt > Take Card out > Take Receipt > Maybe check receipt as I slowly walk away just to make sure it was £30 I drew out.

  wolfie3000 11:46 01 Sep 2010

*In life*

1, People who turn up on my doorstep with no prior warning.
2, No wheelchair access.
3, My camera batteries running out just as i set up a good shot.

*PC related*

1, Spam e-mails.
2, Farmville requests on Facebook.
3, Logitechs program minimising my games when it tells me my mouse battery is low.

*Game related*

1, Having to spend 20,000 cubi gold in perfect world to create one weapon.
2, Trying to tame the aquaDharma pet and finding its never at its spawn point, (Spawns once every 12 hours but everybody else beats me to it)
3, Every dungeon you go into automaticly reduces your chi to 0 so you have to spend 5 minutes getting it back up.
4, Invasion events held only at 4AM in the morning.
5, Asking a team mate to buy me a cool battle pet, and he ends up buying me a chicken, click here

  DANZIG 11:56 01 Sep 2010

Tailgaters on the motorway.

Kids - all of them - they should be hidden away on an island till they're useful members of society.

MP's who think they're not subject to the laws that everyone else is

Big Brother.

People's amazement that I'm not obsessed by football.

  sunnystaines 11:58 01 Sep 2010

people who cycle on the footways and paths.

  MAT ALAN 12:02 01 Sep 2010

Clowns that join this forum to post and spout rubbish!!!!

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