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  laurie53 09:40 09 Dec 2007

Was in one of the electrical superstores the other day and noticed how full of blokes it was at the "Domestic Appliances" end, all looking at things like washing machines, microwaves, toasters etc.

I wonder how many poor women are going to get presents which simply make it possible for them to do more and better things for the man in their life, when what they'd really like is a day in a beauty spa, or to be taken out to lunch on Christmas Day?

Not being sexist, how many women are going to buy their blokes a £50 voucher for the local petrol station, or a software programme which is only any good for work?

And don't quote gardening tools as a comparison - like computing, gardening and DIY etc are hobbies.

  dagbladet 09:59 09 Dec 2007

"...gardening and DIY etc are hobbies."

Not in this house mate, I can assure you.

  Cymro. 10:12 09 Dec 2007

Like yourself I don`t wish to be sexist but I have always considered Christmas to be a woman thing anyway. If it was just left to us men then Christmas would be very different. In most households it is the woman who does the most saving, planning and preparing for Christmas.

We men may provide the money, although this is not as much the case as it used to be, but let`s face it, if it were not for the women in our lives then there would be no Christmas as we know it.

In my case Christmas as we know it is Christmas as I hate it.

  Forum Editor 10:33 09 Dec 2007

at my peril.

  €dstowe 11:04 09 Dec 2007

I buy "largish" gifts for my two nieces. Everyone else gets something small. I don't see the point on spending vast amounts on getting something that might not be "quite the thing" which is coveted or expected and then have it politely (or otherwise) rejected. Besides, I've known all of the people I give presents to for so long now that I know that something lavish is not needed or expected and they, in turn, know the same of me.

I'm not Scrooge by any means but you have a look a eBay just after Christmas and see the huge increase in business for them auctioning unwanted gifts.

  crosstrainer 11:05 09 Dec 2007

Agreed, I never at any time considered buying my wife (now dead the last ten years) anything except personal items....White goods do not constitue a present :)

  Earthsea 14:29 09 Dec 2007

They don't like white goods? Oops...

I think it depends on the individual, male and female, or is that just wishful thinking?

  Totally-braindead 14:58 09 Dec 2007

My mate and his wife would agree with those of you that say white goods are not a Xmas present. Their opinion and I happen to agree with their view is that these sort of things are for the house or at the least for all the family. Not for the wife.
Surely your better half deserves something better than a fridge or a washing machine for Xmas? Something for her alone.

Be careful how you answer as she might be standing behind you as you type and if she is you might not see Xmas :-)

  mrwoowoo 15:06 09 Dec 2007

White goods are items that you buy all year round out of necessity as they will need to be bought at some time so can hardly be classed as a present.Christmas presents should be personal and a bit of an endulgence as well as something that gives pleasure to the receiver.
So come on lads lets have a bit of thought put into it.
White goods for christmas?verging on an insult if you ask me.

  Diemmess 15:13 09 Dec 2007

My wife had a friend about 10 years older, who always remembered our children at Christmas.

She had a talent for finding interesting presents of real use and imagination.
Not always toys, but always intriguing to open a small parcel with never a dud or daft thing within.
A very few of her presents are still used 40 years later.

  mrwoowoo 15:18 09 Dec 2007

Had an aunt who bought me a torch every christmas for seven years.
Never did shed any light on the reason why though.

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