Perpendicular hard drives

  S5W 19:07 30 Aug 2006

I logged in tonight to ask this question but was so appalled by the story of the motorcyclist and the WPC that I forgot.
Does the perpendicularity of the bipoles refer to the disk surface or to its circumference? If the former how is it achieved? Will someone kindly satisfy my curiosity?

  SANTOS7 19:23 30 Aug 2006
  S5W 19:26 30 Aug 2006

Thanks santoz7, I did read the article but my question is "perpendicular to what" ie do the individual magnets run through the thickness of the disk or radially on the surface?

  SANTOS7 19:34 30 Aug 2006

click here
some good info here..

  S5W 16:07 31 Aug 2006

santoz7, thank you once again. Wow all is revealed, a very nifty system.

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