Perhaps it's time I mentioned

  Forum Editor 18:49 13 May 2008

that we're not comfortable with threads that deal with individual health problems. There are undoubtedly people here who are medically qualified, but we have no way of verifying anyone's credentials - nor would we wish to do so. For that reason, and several others, we're not going to host threads in which medical advice is either sought or given, however obliquely.

I know that from time to time some forum members feel they want to share details of their health problems, and if you want to talk about such matters it's fine by us, provided nobody asks for advice, and provided none is offered. Each person's illness is in some ways unique, and advice about treatment will depend on many factors - none of which can be properly explored in a web forum.

I know that ill health is worrying, and I know that some people feel isolated in illness, particularly those who may live alone. I certainly don't want to come across as unsympathetic, because I'm not, but I would be failing in my duty if I didn't mention the concern that has been hovering in my mind for some time. We can discuss illnesses in a general way until the cows come home if you like, but the details of specific cases are firmly out of bounds from now on. I hope you'll all understand why.

  Jak_1 20:11 13 May 2008

I am happy with that. I do have a medical background but would not consider prescribing any form of treatment without first seeing a patient. What is right for one person may not be for another.
As you quite rightly point out, there is no way verifying someones medical background. I have often been asked in the pub as to what should be taken for a specific ilness, my advice has always been the same 'Go and see your GP'. The GP is the only person with your full medical history to hand. Internet forums are not the place to give/ask for medical advice. If not the GP then at least a Pharmacist will be able to give some advice.

  alB 20:58 13 May 2008

That's fair enough, I don't think you'll get any objections ...alB

  Ancient Learner 21:25 13 May 2008

Quite right, but I have found the recent discussion about wheel chairs very interesting, however I doubt that comes under this heading.

  DrScott 21:50 13 May 2008

this has been brought about by the INR thread, and seems an entirely reasonable response.

  Bingalau 22:09 13 May 2008

I have been warmed by the support I have had from forum members (some privately by e-mail), to the thread about my wife's cancer. I hope my thread isn't one of the ones which has contributed to you feeling uncomfortable. But I can see your point and certainly will not object. I do ask our GP and the various consultants and nurses that we now have access to, about medical things etc. I hope I haven't caused any problems in the past?

  €dstowe 22:17 13 May 2008

I, too, am a medic but no longer practice and although I try to keep up with medical developments, my business takes precedence.

Any advice or recommendations I might have given is, I think, broadly on the lines of "seek professional help".

  Forum Editor 22:27 13 May 2008

at anyone in particular. I know that a sympathetic response to news of an illness can be somewhat comforting, and as I said, we're not trying to ban all threads about illness - just those that appear to ask for help and/or advice.

Nobody has overstepped the mark - my comments are made with a view to keeping it that way.

  laurie53 22:52 13 May 2008

Wouldn't be the same if we didn't get the odd query about what to do about chilblains or something!

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