Perhaps this is a better way to get a democracy?

  Phphred 10:43 06 Apr 2007
  Forum Editor 10:54 06 Apr 2007

Then again, perhaps it's not. It's been tried before, many times, and in many countries over the centuries, and hasn't always worked.

Some societies, particularly those that have developed along strongly tribal lines, see a conciliatory approach as a sign of weakness, and it will be exploited. That may or may not happen in Afghanistan, but I personally doubt that people who have been used to rejecting all external influences for many hundreds of years are suddenly going to accept a Dutch version of democratic government because a few soldiers are being nice to them.

  Phphred 11:03 06 Apr 2007

At least if your argument is right and I tend to agree, we might as well let them get on with their own way of life and culture!

  WhiteTruckMan 11:11 06 Apr 2007

it is worth it to make the effort, considering the potential gains. It would be unreasonable to expect such an approach to yeild results any time soon though. its an approach that takes years, if not decades, and whether the powers that be will have the patience to sustain things for those lengths of time remains to be seen.


  Forum Editor 11:16 06 Apr 2007

I think everyone has a vested interest in seeing a form of democratic government establish in Afghanistan. The country has a history of tribal warfare, and denial of human rights, and it has held back the developmment of an entire nation. Educational standards amongst the tribal communitiesare appalling, and it's one of the last places I would want to live if I was a woman.

All of that must change if Afghans are to move their economy forward, and enjoy more of the fruits of 21st century life. As ever, religious fundamentalism has been instrumental in keeping the Afghan society firmly rooted in the past, and that must change, too.

Easy to say, isn't it?

The most powerful force for change in Afghanistan right now is its women. Educated women are the key, and if they can only gain a foothold in the future government of the country the rest will be a good deal easier. Women will care about their children and education rather than about fighting the next village, and they'll not want to see their sons and daughters go over the hill, Kalashnikovs in hand, never to return. Let all Afghan girls have the chance of a good secondary education and the days of a society based on religious fundamentalism and conflict will be numbered.

  Phphred 11:22 06 Apr 2007

I was going to say that in a somewhat different way but I can't recall Mr. Shakespear's play, when the women would not concede to the mens needs, but somehow I don't think even that would work there!

  Forum Editor 11:47 06 Apr 2007

Lysistrata, and her scheme to get the Greek women to deny sexual favours to the men of Sparta, Boeotia, and Corinth until they give up fighting.

The play was written by Aristophanes.

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