People Squeezing fruit and bread in Supermarkets

  ulrich 12:06 07 Apr 2007

Also the ones that taste the grapes. This annoys me this morning I wanted a French loaf and I asked the lady who was standing squeezing away if I could have one before she squashed them all, she called me a cheeky git. My son thinks that she thought I was calling her fat.

  Cymro. 12:57 07 Apr 2007

I see your point, but don`t we all squeeze such things when at a supermarket?

All right then, most of us do.

  Belatucadrus 13:44 07 Apr 2007

I can see the point with fruit, but French bread. They'll all have come from the same batch of dough and spent exactly the same time in the same oven. What did she expect to detect by mauling them ?

  Sapins 16:04 07 Apr 2007

Could be trying to detect the warm ones, still no need to squeeze them.

Here in France you are encouraged to taste all sorts of thing's, grapes, strawberries, cheeses of any kind, just ask the assistant and they will cut a piece for you, wines, when on special offer, meats, and lots more. I often have a mini meal of starter, main course, cheese and sweet, plus a drink:-)

  Noldi 16:22 07 Apr 2007

I did see a bloke peeling Onions before he got them weighed. wonder how much he saved.


  Kate B 16:22 07 Apr 2007

How else can you tell if fruit is ripe? So much fruit in supermarkets is very under-ripe. And you test bread's freshness by squeezing it, too.

  ulrich 16:41 07 Apr 2007

Generally the colour of the fruit tells you it is ripe. You have to look. The bread is baked regularly due to the amount of customers is fresh all the time in the morning at least, and if it is ready sliced I look at the date.

i have never tried it, i think my mother may have done it, bet it doesnt work with eggs!

  Kate B 16:53 07 Apr 2007

The colour isn't always a good guide. Mangos, for example, have to be given a quick prod, and so do avocados.

  Jak_1 17:32 07 Apr 2007

Fruit , especialy the softer varieties, only require a light squeeze, wirh the full hand not the finger tips. Generaly colour is the guide, given the turnaround these days it is rare to find produce on the shelves that is not fit nor ripe. There is also the hygeine side to consider, some peoples personal habits leave a lot to be desired! Salad veg (greens) can be easily sterilised with potassium permanganate but not so with fresh fruit.
The last thing I want is to buy fruit such as peaches with fingerprint indentations all over them! These days with foodstufs being fresh to within the time of a flight etc there is little need to squeeze everything in sight.

  Kate B 17:43 07 Apr 2007

I disagree about the ripeness in supermarkets - so much is under-ripe these days because it's picked too early to allow for transport times and longer shelf-life. It's great to have exotic fruit all year round but it comes at a price. I've often bought things and found that they just never ripen properly. So I'm afraid anything I buy is always going to get a squeeze or a prod; and I expect any fruit I buy to have been similarly squeezed or prodded. I haven't yet contracted any kind of ailment as a result of it even though I'm sure some shoppers' personal hygiene is less rigorous than mine.

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