Pensions - Things You Should Know (1)

  tammer 20:29 05 Feb 2008

I wonder what people thought of this?

It gives you an idea of how much we all pay towards public sector pensions:

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  Monoux 21:23 05 Feb 2008

Perhaps it should be pointed out that public sector employees pay a contribution towards their pensions AND normal National Insurance

  tammer 22:20 05 Feb 2008

Hi, you're right but it's also true that private sector employees pay towards their pension and normal NI. They're also generally in poorer quality schemes than those in the public sector.

  BT 08:42 06 Feb 2008

Did asnyone see this in the Express yesterday. It seems the poor old Pensioners are to be penalised yet again.

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  interzone55 09:13 06 Feb 2008

When is someone going to prosecute the Daily Express under the Trade Descriptions Act for it's completely inaccurate masthead.

"The World's Greatest Newspaper" what a laugh...

  sounder 09:18 06 Feb 2008

THIS guy is a idiot he's killing this country, as if he's NOT done enough, most Pensioners have worked all there lives & paid tens of thousands in tax's so why should they be kicked in the groin like this? i cant wait for the election ive yet to come accross someone thats in favour of him, The only thing i can see posative from him his he created the Working Tax Credits BUT as is Gordon Brown he gives it in one hand then waits for the "CREDIT" then him & his phoney's take it out of the other,Good Riddence!!
he should NEVER of been made PM.regardless who else would of took the job.he's terrible & so the country knows.

  sounder 09:20 06 Feb 2008

my comment above is in relation to this link/story supplied by "alan14"

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  Bapou 10:11 06 Feb 2008

As a pensioner who worked in the private sector the Express story sickened me. Then I read this:
click here=

Put the two side by side and it shows just what kind of people are ruling this country.

No doubt Alan14 will have some facetious comment to make about the Daily Mail as well!

  Quickbeam 10:49 06 Feb 2008

Just not reading it should satisfy your dissatisfaction...

They're all the same though, you just have to sift through any bias.

  anskyber 10:54 06 Feb 2008

What nonsense.

This is not new, the plain fact of the matter is there are a number of people who should have been paying tax who have not been. We are all responsible for ensuring we pay the correct amount of tax and it's not rocket science to add up income and deduct allowances.

The truth is there have been those who probably think they have been clever to get away with it now they are rumbled.

I see this as no different from people driving cars without paying road fund license and other tax evasion tactics. Please don't fall for the sympathy trap, I believe most tax evaders knew exactly what they were doing.

  lisa02 10:54 06 Feb 2008

We'd rather not have the £23 a week. Because of that we lose out about £75 per week of other allowances.

I agree with what you the guy's a plonker of the highest kind.

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