Pension vestments and insurance policies to be probed!

  rickf 16:52 28 Mar 2014

About time. They have been ripping us since time immemorial. Click here click here

  rickf 16:53 28 Mar 2014

Read "investments"

  spuds 17:13 28 Mar 2014

This is something that should have been undertaken years ago, but I suppose interest was only shown when the mis-selling saga came to light?.

In my own case and personal situation, its not insurance or investment, but more to do with pensions and possible attempting to understand the whole situation on how pensions actually work. There is one pension pot that I have with a well known company, yet through certain conditions I am unable to touch the funds available to me, and the funds are left to supposedly increase with wise investment by the pension fund holders. Yet through a period of about three previous years prior to two years ago. I was informed that the investments had been "not as expected", but this didn't stop the company making their usual high charge for running the fund. When it comes to a situation the the fund holder gain more than the policy holder, then in my view there must be something very seriously wrong.

I shall be watching all this with wonder and expectation, but at the same time will not hold my breath to much.

  wiz-king 17:13 28 Mar 2014

Vestments & ripping - I thought this would be about priests.

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