Pee To Make Your Garden Grow

  Bapou 17:15 13 Nov 2009

Now here's a story, click here which takes me back over the years, a few more here I dare say.

I recall me Grandad swore by this method cultivating his show winning leeks at the club. When on a sleep over at grandparents I wondered why he needed to go down the garden after being at the club at night. Finally he told me, his leeks appreciated a feed of good beer, filtered of course.

Not having a compost heap, or grown leeks myself, I never did test out his theory.

  Forum Editor 17:38 13 Nov 2009

I've really enjoyed home made Leek and potato soup,and Leeks in cheese sauce.

  Brumas 17:48 13 Nov 2009

Some people put horse manure on their rhubarb but I personally prefer custard ;o}

Just trotting out an old joke to get you into the mood needed to appreciate those looming Christmas cracker mottoes/jokes!

  Forum Editor 18:38 13 Nov 2009

Did you have to do that? It's bad enough having to drive past a certain house a few miles from where I live - it already has almost every inch of the outside walls covered in lights and a huge animated sleigh with Santa waving to the passing traffic.

Any day now I'll hear Slade yelling 'It's Chriiiiiiiiistmaaaas!'and I'll know it's time to reach for the Vallium.

  morddwyd 20:21 13 Nov 2009

Certainly brings a whole new meaning to leek soup!

  Brumas 21:02 13 Nov 2009

"You can't fool me, there ain't no sanity clause"

  simonjary 22:12 13 Nov 2009

Age 20 I stayed at a friend's house in Limoges. The gardener Monsieur Fort was often spotted peeing on the veg patch. Unbelievable leeks!

  dukeboxhero 22:21 13 Nov 2009

Brings a whole new meaning into Cock-A-Leeky Soup

  BT 08:48 14 Nov 2009

My Dad use to pee in the watering can when he was out in the garden the dilute it and water over the lawn. You could see which bits had had the 'treatment' by the lush green colour of the grass.

  JanetO 11:52 14 Nov 2009

So he had a leek over the leeks.

I think someone's extracting the urine.

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